What Is Unique about Amish Furniture?

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Amish furniture is made of solid wood and is completely handcrafted reflecting the kind of skilled workmanship we associate with eras long past. Amish furniture is heirloom quality furniture, worthy of passing from generation to generation and is commonly guaranteed for life.

Amish are highly religious people who live in self-supporting communities that shun modern technology. They believe in humility, family, community, and in living separate from the outside world. Unlike churches, Amish are organized at the local level, so some Amish communities are stricter than others, but none drive motorized vehicles or use electricity in the house. However some modern technology is allowed, such as generators to drive power tools for carpentry skills. Many Amish communities bring money into the community by selling their finely crafted furniture to outlets that in turn make it available to the public.

Many such outlets for this unique furniture are located online. Most will stress the pride the Amish take in their work, but the Amish do not believe in being prideful. It is more correct to say that their work is seen as a labor of, and for the good of the Amish community, and to do a poor job would be shameful. It is this attitude that goes into each and every piece of Amish furniture. Amish craftsmen hand pick only the finest grains of wood and use the finest hardware.


Most of their furniture is made of cherry, maple or oak, but it can be made of any type of solid wood. There will never be particleboard, fiberboard or pressed wood in Amish furniture. Another thing that is unique about their furniture is that the designs are original and no two pieces are exactly alike -- even matching end tables or dressers will bear grain differences and the subtle individuality of pieces made by hand. Great attention is paid to detail.

The Amish make all types of furniture from hutches to bedroom sets, from kitchen tables with matching chairs to saddle stools. Many outlets for Amish furniture will even take custom orders so that you can request a specific piece and style, and choose the type of wood you desire.

If you are looking for unique, high quality, fine furniture for your home, it is hard to compete with Amish furniture for old world craft and style. Take a look at the many online outlets to see why so many people find this furniture so unique!


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My neighbor has a log home and when her home was being built, she had some Amish people make several pieces of furniture for her home.

The one that stands out the most is the front door she had them build. This is the most unique, beautiful door I have ever seen on a house. It is very big, solid and well built with very detailed woodworking. The quality of the work and materials is outstanding. The light stain she choose for the door is a perfect compliment to the logs on her house.

We live in an area of the country where Amish communities are scattered close by. I have visited a few Amish furniture stores and always admire their work.

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