What Is Underearners Anonymous?

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Underperformance in any area in life can be disappointing and frustrating. An official support group, known as underearners anonymous, is designed to offer solutions to individuals who have the potential to attain greater futures, financially and otherwise. Individuals who attend underearners anonymous are likely unable to meet financial needs under their present circumstances even if the potential is there to do better. Participants follow a 12-step program designed to bring about positive change.

Negative behavior patterns may indicate someone is eligible for underearners anonymous. For instance, someone who continually procrastinates responsibilities or uses time and energy in a way that does not promote individual growth may be eligible for this recovery program. Other characteristics include bypassing opportunities that could lead to greater revenue streams or walking through work or life with a feeling of inadequacy even after being accepted. Isolating one's self instead of embracing an environment where there are coworkers, in addition to creating unwarranted conflict, also suggest therapy in an underearners anonymous setting may be beneficial.


Someone who exhibits these symptoms might shy away from career opportunities and instead opt for a menial job where pay is hourly all to avoid the responsibility that comes along with financial growth. By attending underearners anonymous, an individual is attempting to face the reality of living at or below the poverty level and learn the steps to take to climb out of the situation. Underearners anonymous was created as an offshoot to debtor's anonymous, and meetings occur across major cities. This program deals with serious life issues as some of the members allow feelings of shame to remove all hope for living. Members have learned to turn to this program and a higher power in order to recover.

Among the tools that are used in order to bring about change in the lives of victims of underearning are meetings where members gather for support. Individual members are encouraged to obtain sponsors so that there is accountability throughout the organization. Members are asked to establish lists of goals and to derive action plans that will reduce underearning and introduce more benefits. The program discourages any debt, as it is a symptom of missing one's potential, and encourages that members take advantage of all of the written materials that are available. Saving money is key for members of underearners anonymous to achieve recovery because it is an indication that the individual realizes that the future is important.


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