What Is Tzatziki?

Tiffany Manley

Tzatziki is a sauce made from yogurt, cucumber, garlic and various herbs and spices. The sauce, or a variation of it, is native to countries such as Iraq, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. Tzatziki sauce usually is served cold with a variety of dishes and might accompany a main dish, serve as a dipping sauce or be eaten as an appetizer. Other ingredients might be incorporated in tzatziki sauce, such as nuts or oils.

A gyro sandwich containing tzatziki.
A gyro sandwich containing tzatziki.

Yogurt is the main ingredient in tzatziki. Traditionally, sheep’s or goat’s milk yogurt is used, although any plain, non-flavored yogurt can be used. The yogurt is strained by placing it into a cloth such as a handkerchief or cheesecloth and suspending it over a bowl or sink for a several hours. This is done so most of the liquid drains from the yogurt, which creates a smooth creamy texture in the sauce and prevents it from becoming too watery. A thick sauce is needed for the various applications in which it is used.

Fresh cucumbers play a key role in tzatziki sauce.
Fresh cucumbers play a key role in tzatziki sauce.

Another ingredient in tzatziki is grated or sliced cucumber. Seedless cucumbers that have been salted are generally used to create a flavorful sauce that is free of seeds. Salting the cucumbers helps remove water, which also contributes to a thick, creamy sauce. Another tactic that might be used to remove water from the cucumbers is placing the grated or sliced pieces in cheesecloth and squeezing them.

Ingredients in tzatziki may include garlic.
Ingredients in tzatziki may include garlic.

Other ingredients in tzatziki include garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice and parsley or dill. The combination of all of the ingredients creates a sauce that is creamy and refreshing with a strong garlic flavor tempered by the coolness from the yogurt and cucumbers. Many people favor the sauce with dishes such as souvlaki or gyros, although it has many different uses.

Tzatziki starts with a yogurt base.
Tzatziki starts with a yogurt base.

In addition to serving tzatziki with souvlaki and gyros, the sauce also can be used in other ways. Some people choose to serve it as a dip with vegetables and pita chips. Other uses include serving it alongside meat dishes such as lamb or chicken or as a spread in sandwiches. The sauce complements grilled meats well, as well as fish that has a mild flavor.

As with many foods, there are regional variations of tzatziki sauce found in many places. Some people use different herbs such as mint, or they might use kefir instead of yogurt; nuts or shallots might also be added. In addition to the variation in ingredients, some areas might serve the dish as a soup, salad, drink or accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

Tzatziki sauce is popular with souvlaki.
Tzatziki sauce is popular with souvlaki.

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Cacık (tzatziki) is another Turkish dish stolen by greeks.


When we traveled to Greece and ate out at local restaurants every night, we found that we were addicted to Greek Tzatziki sauce.

Before we flew home, we made sure to get a couple of good tzatziki recipes from locals and now we make it at home regularly. It's addictive!

It isn't difficult to make, it just has some steps like draining the yogurt that will take a little time. The good thing...you can walk away and do something else while your strainer does all the work for you.

Plenty of great recipes for this sauce can be found online!


The only thing missing is the perfect tzatziki recipe! But if you find a recipe you like, don't leave out the steps of straining the yogurt and cucumbers through cheesecloth. That definitely keeps your tzatziki from being too watery.

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