What is Tuscan Interior Design?

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Tuscan interior design is inspired by the earthy colors and natural rustic appeal of the Italian wine-producing region of Tuscany. The Tuscan look is both lived in and elegant. For example, Tuscan wood furniture is classically Italian in design, yet it is worn looking with any scratches, chips and scrapes considered as adding charm. Building materials include both the elegance of marble and the warmth of terra cotta. Warm, rich colors such as gold, olive, dark blue and dark red as well as all shades of earthy browns from tan to chocolate make up the color focus of Tuscan interior design.

Color and pattern in Tuscan interior designs may be found on colorful tile tabletops, ornate vases and detailed area rugs. Popular pattern motifs include stylized flower and fruit designs as well as animals such as birds. Bowls of grapes and contrasting touches such as large black iron candlesticks in a white marble bathroom are signature style accents in Tuscan interior design.


A large budget isn't necessarily needed to capture the Tuscan decor look. Faux marble finishes can replace the genuine stone, and inexpensive furniture such as pieces from yard sales may be used since any cracks, marks and chips only add to the desired rustic look of Tuscan interior design. A large dark wood farmhouse-style table is perfect for a Tuscan kitchen. Tuscan kitchens typically have an island food preparation section, but a table could be substituted. Terra cotta tile and textured plaster walls can provide the ideal contrasts to dark wood kitchen furniture and cabinets.

Detailed, burnished metal trim on large mirrors as well as on small picture frames is often seen in Tuscan interior design. Italian side chairs with carved accents may appear on either side of a curved-fronted chest of drawers in a living room that features a patterned area rug. Other than terra cotta or marble, Tuscan-styled floors may be in materials such as slate or ceramic tile.

Black wrought iron is usually found in every room in Tuscan-inspired homes. Other than metal candle holders in the bathroom, iron scrolled plate racks may be found on kitchen or dining room walls. Large, elaborately curved black wrought iron light fixtures may hang above dining tables as well as in bedrooms. Many of these lighting designs feature many lights that look like candles and each light often has a tiny cloth lampshade covering the top.


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