What Is Tuscan Decorating Style?

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The Tuscan decorating style is meant to mimic the décor of rustic villas found throughout the Italian wine country, especially the area of Tuscany in central Italy. It typically includes floors done in stone or tile, though rough-hewn wood is also used. Furnishings often include heavy furniture made of wood and upholstered in leather or natural woven fabrics. Accents for this type of décor typically include pieces made of wrought iron or other primitive metals. Color schemes can vary, but commonly consist of warm earth tones.

Regardless of the type, flooring used in the Tuscan decorating style is usually dark. If hardwood flooring is chosen, it is typically stained in dark oak or even walnut. Tiles are typically dark terra cotta or burnished gold. Fieldstone flooring can also be used to mimic the Tuscany style, as it usually comes in tones of darker gray. The overall objective when choosing flooring for Tuscany décor is to achieve a worn and rustic look, so it is usually considered best to avoid more contemporary floor coverings.


Tuscan decorating style typically includes couches and chairs that have loose cushions, with the wood frames of the pieces showing. In most cases, the wood frames are stained in a dark tone, but they can also be left in their original color and covered in a light varnish. Though leather is often used, fabrics can work just as well. Fabric can be a solid color, but if prints are used, they should be chosen on the basis of advancing a rustic theme. Tables and shelving are also commonly made from heavy wood or iron.

Accent pieces and wall décor found in the Tuscan decorating style include mirrors, wall hangings, and paintings. Frames and hardware for these pieces should be constructed of natural components such as rough wood or metal. Ceramics and pottery also work well as accent pieces, especially if the pieces are left in their natural state. If pieces are painted, they should reflect the Mediterranean style.

Colors used for walls and fabrics in Tuscany décor are typically in natural tones such as rust, gold, greens, and browns. In many homes that implement the Tuscan decorating style, walls are often covered in texture such as stucco or brick prior to being painted. Woodwork within the rooms is typically left unpainted, allowing the natural wood grain to be seen. In many cases, the woodwork is stained and varnished, which not only adds luster and depth, but also makes it easier to clean.


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