What is Tummy Flattening Gel?

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Tummy flattening gel, transdermal cutting gel, and belly fat shrinking gel are a few of a variety of products that claim to reduce cellulite and fat present on the stomach. There are a number of companies that make similar gels for other parts of the body, and these may include caffeine or like products that are supposed to shrink fat tissues. Buying a tummy flattening gel can be an expensive choice, with high-end brands costing over $100 US Dollars (USD), and naturally customers wish to know how and if they work.

Most of these products contain active ingredients like caffeine and glycerin, and they are applied directly to the stomach once or twice a day for several weeks. Some brands recommend dieting and exercising to get rid of any fat that is broken down through the processes created by applying the cream. Product descriptions generally suggest that the active ingredients bind or adhere to fat cells under the skin and then break down or shrink them.


There’s some evidence that caffeine products and adipose cutting products may slightly shrink fat cells on a temporary basis, though this may be due more to dehydration of the cells than anything else. Most dermatological reviews of these products suggest that while they may have slight results, dramatic or permanent change is not likely attainable via a gel method. There have been numerous scientists who have attacked some of the tummy flattening gel brands available as making claims that are unsound and unlikely to be true, and the Food and Drug Administration even filed claims against one manufacturer for advertising with unverifiable claims in the mid 2000s. This action led to some of the main marketers of this product, like Nordstrom and Sephora, pulling the product from the shelf.

One of the main arguments that some scientists have made about the inefficacy of transdermal cutting gels is that they are applied directly to the skin where they are supposed to leech into the skin, and help break down fat cells right below it. However, this method of application tends to mean any active ingredients don’t move directly to fat cells but instead get absorbed by the capillaries and move into the blood stream. Thus the application alone of directly applying on the skin would suggest that the active ingredients do not have time to get to any fat cells and are instead absorbed into the blood stream. Another argument made about these products is that claims regarding them have not been evaluated by organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and that no double blind tests exist to prove if they are effective.

Nevertheless, various products like tummy flattening gel may give slight results that are satisfying to consumers and a market certainly exists to buy these products. People may prefer trying them before taking more drastic action to get rid of tummy fat, like undergoing liposuction or tummy tucks. For others, the prices for these products are prohibitive, and even though it takes a serious commitment, diet and exercise is a more attractive method for permanently getting rid of tummy fat.


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