What is Tumbled Leather?

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Chances are, most people own at least one or two items made with tumbled leather, but never really knew the name for the type of treatment that was used to create the effect. This type of leather is created with the use of small pebbles that gently abrade the material, giving a very soft texture to the product. It is desirable not only for the texture, but also the look of the finish. With a very subtle sheen, tumbled leather exudes a sense of being upscale yet very casual. This is one reason that so many of the items made with it can easily be used for dressy occasions as well as for everyday wear.

Among the most popular tumbled leather items are various types of footwear for both men and women. Brown or black tumbled leather shoes provide just the right touch to office wear, and also work well for people going out for an afternoon or early evening social event. In addition to lace-up and slip-on models of shoes, it is also used to make comfortable boots that are ideal for wear on weekends.


Another example of the use of tumbled leather is in the creation of belts. These belts have a soft feel, but happen to be quite durable. The combination of the texture and the strength make tumbled leather an ideal choice for belts that are dressy enough for the workplace, but also casual enough to be worn with jeans. Available in a variety of widths and styles, they can be purchased at most fine department stores, as well as leather shops.

Luggage and carrying cases are frequently made from tumbled leather. Soft side luggage is easy to keep clean, and will store away in the closet with the greatest of ease. Camera cases are often made from this leather, as they are a great way to safely carry expensive camera equipment. Along with luggage and carrying cases, it can be used for wallets, purses, and shoulder bags.

Often less expensive than some other types of leather, tumbled leather products look great and will hold up well to a lot of wear and tear. The combination of a reasonable price, durability, and a sleek look help to make it an obvious choice when the occasion calls for leather accessories.


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Post 3

My favorite purse is a big tumbled leather bag. I think it's great, because I can use it for so many different occasions. It's very durable. I've had it for quite a long time, and it still looks like new, even though I lug a lot of stuff around in it.

Post 2

It's pretty weird that something that looks and feels as nice as tumbled leather is actually made by using pebbles to basically scratch the surface of regular leather.

I'm always intrigued when it's desirable to create flaws in something expensive on purpose. I've just never understood that. Although, I do like my tumbled leather shoes.

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