What Is TriYoga®?

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TriYoga® is a Vinyasa Hatha yoga method that seeks to unite the movement of the body with breathing, concentration, and focus. It was developed by yoga teacher Kali "Kaliji" Ray in the 1980s and draws its inspiration from several types of yoga schools. The practice is a meditative process as well as a physical exercise and aims to balance the breath and the body harmoniously.

Known as the art and science of "yogaflow®," TriYoga® marries the asana, or body, to the three essential life forces within the asana: pranayama, or breath; dharana, or concentration; and mudra, or focus. This is accomplished through a series of intricate poses. A typical TriYoga® posture contains movements that look and feel like dancing, a creation that came to Ray during a moment of heightened meditative awareness.

The basis of TriYoga® movements is a series of wavelike undulations of the spine, economy of motion, and a gentle awareness that encourages relaxation as one moves. The levels within TriYoga® slowly build off of this central idea. Practitioners gradually learn more complicated poses and postures until they have achieved greater flexibility, core strength, and control of the breath.


There are many benefits to practicing TriYoga®. The yoga styles can increase flexibility, enhance endurance, and build strength in the muscles. They can help detoxify the body as well as stimulate the cardiovascular and immune systems. It can also help expand a practitioner's meditative awareness, allowing him or her to live more fully in the present moment.

Centers that offer TriYoga® classes usually have several options to suit various levels of ability. Basics classes are ideal for beginners, and classes are subsequently taught at levels one through five, gradually advancing as practitioners become more adept at the postures. There are also special classes designed to meet specific practitioner's needs, such as Free the Hips and Free the Spine. A class titled Natural Alignment instructs on the proper alignment of the body and the utilization of props to develop a full understanding of the importance of body alignment.

TriYoga® teaches yoga as not simply a form of physical exercise, but as a lifestyle. To that end, many TriYoga® centers offer information on topics such as learning Sanskrit, following a vegan diet, and using music to enhance one's yoga practice. TriYoga® is also sold as instructional videos and DVDs for practitioners to learn at home.


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