What is Treadmill Lubricant?

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Treadmill lubricant is a liquid that is used to keep treadmill belts running smoothly. Proper use of treadmill lubricant can significantly increase the lifespan of a treadmill belt. As treadmill belts can cost more than $100 USD (US Dollars) to replace, keeping the belt properly lubricated is an important investment for treadmill owners. It is common for a treadmill belt to last for two to three years if it is regularly treated properly with treadmill lubricant.

An owner's manual is an important piece of reference material that will instruct a treadmill owner about how often a treadmill belt should be lubricated. The manual will also offer instructions on how to lubricate the treadmill and how to tell when the belt needs more or less lubrication. Also, when the belt does finally wear out, the owner's manual should be consulted for instructions on how to replace the belt and apply the first dose of lubricant.

There are quite a few companies that sell treadmill lubricant. If there is one particular brand that is recommended in the owner's manual of a treadmill it is best to use that brand. Sometimes fitness equipment companies that sell treadmills will also manufacture their own treadmill belts and lubricant. In these cases, it is often best to purchase the lubricant from the same company that manufactured the equipment as it will probably be the best formula for that specific treadmill.


In some cases, leased fitness equipment comes with a service agreement from the leasing company. In these cases, the replacement of treadmill belts and the lubricating of those belts may be part of the leasing company's service. Whether the treadmill is being leased for personal use or for use in a gym or fitness center, this can save the leaser time and hassle.

Treadmill lubricant ranges in price. Some brands are as inexpensive as $15 USD or slightly less. These products are often intended for a single use. Other kinds of treadmill lubricant can be nearly $30 USD.

It is common for treadmill lubricant to come in a kit of maintenance materials for a treadmill. In fact, this kit may come with the purchase of a treadmill. When the lubricant is used up, it can simply be replaced at the store where the treadmill was purchased or from the manufacturer that makes the treadmill. There are also a number of websites that specialize in maintenance items for fitness equipment.


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