What is Time Tracking Software?

Shannon Kietzman

Time tracking software, also known as timesheet software, is a specialized type of accounting software used to maintain timesheets for each person within a company. Using software often makes it easier for employees and management to track their time at work. This helps maintain records such as compensation time tracking, vacation time tracking, and sick leave tracking more easily.

Time tracking software helps maintain records such as vacation time tracking.
Time tracking software helps maintain records such as vacation time tracking.

This type of software allows employees to enter their time into the program, where it can be approved or rejected by supervisors or project managers. It makes the process of tracking an employee's time faster and easier, as well as making it easier to schedule other projects.

Time trackng software can be used to replace handwritten timesheets.
Time trackng software can be used to replace handwritten timesheets.

Time tracking software comes in many forms. Stand alone software, for instance, can only be used to record timesheets and to generate reports. Smaller companies may find this to be the only program required to get the job done.

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For larger companies, there is software available that integrates into an accounting system. This type of time tracking software works with data that is directly fed into company accounts. The advantage to this method is that the tracking software can be linked to payroll and streamline that part of the business. Software that is integrated into a billing system can also be used to generate invoices. It's typically used by contractors and professionals, such as lawyers, because it makes it easier to bill time to clients.

Some versions of time tracking software are integrated into project management systems. In this way, the software can be used to help graph the work and time being spent on each project or task. This type of system is used by companies that have large projects that can take many months to complete.

If time needs to be tracked, it is important for the software to move as quickly as the person using it. In addition, the best programs allow the user to integrate systems, ranging from billing to expense tracking to “to do” lists. Time tracking software should also allow for accurate time tracking with flexible reporting. Most systems allow the user to customize reports by determining which information is important to a particular job or project.

Accurate progress information can help the individual or company to identify areas of concern, as well what tasks take too long to complete at a given time. In the case of employee time tracking, it allows the user to see which employees are using their time most efficiently and which ones need improvement.

Time tracking software may be used to track sick leave.
Time tracking software may be used to track sick leave.

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There are dozens of such programs in the net, but they let you select current project manually only. I’d prefer a more flexible variant with automatically

projects selections and helps me every day.


Using time tracking software is a good way to increase your business productivity.


Anyone who wishes to maintain their business, pay their bills, get necessary sleep and still to lead a social life with enjoyment, then they should get a smart and efficient time tracking software.

Managing employee attendance in the workplace is quick and easy with any time management software. It is really easy to keep track of the various project statuses, the time taken by employees, and several other tasks with this software.

Personally, I like Replicon's time tracking application. It has more innovative features that help in organizing and scheduling tasks, creating and maintaining reports.


Time tracking software is now becoming a widely accepted method to track your employees when they are working on their tasks, and this can also be used to monitor your offshore workers (home-based). Our company has started implementing it last year and we’ve seen improvements in our performance ever since.

At first, we were looking like crazy for the right software for us but thanks to a forum site who suggested Time Doctor, its accurate time tracking and analytics are the major reasons why we’re still using it up to now.


Employee software for time tracking is useful for those companies in which employees are remotely located, or work from home.


Regularly using time tracking software is a good way of improving productivity and learning which jobs and clients are the most profitable. Especially when you're a freelancer this stuff is really important. I use 1DayLater to track my time, money and mileage and use Remember the Milk to remind me what I need to do daily.

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