What is Thiosinaminum?

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Thiosinaminum is a homeopathic drug made from mustard seed oil. It is used for a wide variety of medical treatments, such as healing scar tissue, dissolving fibroids and treating tinnitus. The drug can be taken in liquid or capsule form. Although it can be purchased at homeopathic pharmacies, it can also be made at home.

One of the main uses of thiosinaminum is for dissolving or repairing scar tissue. Many people also use it to dissolve tumors and fibroids as well. For healing scar tissue or other ailments that result in the thickening of tissue, it is considered best to use thiosinaminum that is prepared as a low-potency tincture. Some choose to inject a liquid solution under the skin, while others prefer to consume a few capsules each day.

Another popular use of thiosinaminum is for tinnitus, or ringing in one or both ears. The dosage is dependent on the cause of the tinnitus. It is important to seek the advice of a homeopathic caregiver or a medical professional before administering the remedy. Once the cause of tinnitus has been determined, the dosage can be prescribed.


Some people use thiosinaminum to treat deafness caused by a thickened eardrum as well. In addition, it may be helpful for people suffering from inflamed lymphatic glands. Additionally, there have been claims that it helps slow down aging. There are not any scientific studies proving these claims to be true, yet those who use it on a regular basis are convinced their longevity is due to thiosinaminum.

It is easy to buy thiosinaminum online or at homeopathic drug stores. If it is purchased online, it is typically made of unrefined oil. The unrefined oil is the most potent kind of oil, but is also costs a bit more money. If purchased online, it will typically be in capsule form. Most people are told to take three capsules three times a day until their symptoms clear up.

Although it is easy to purchase it through online homeopathic pharmacies, it is possible to make thiosinaminum at home. By using mustard seed paste or mustard sauce, the user can create a potent form of the drug that is close to the potency available from products purchased online. Simply take a drop of mustard sauce or a small amount of mustard seed paste and mix it with water.

Because tumors and issues with the ear can be serious, a visit to a medical doctor is usually recommended. Making sure a tumor or growth is not cancerous is important. In addition, some ear conditions can be treated quickly and effectively using antibiotics or other remedies. Since some ear ailments can lead to deafness, visiting a doctor with medical knowledge is suggested. Once a diagnosis can be made, then homeopathic remedies can be more safely explored.


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This medicine was prescribed for MS patient with uterine fibroid. Thiosinaminum 3X was administered thrice a day; the patient was feeling drowsiness, so it was advised to reduce the frequency to twice a day. Will it help? What are the side effects?

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Has this tablet worked on your keloid?

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I have keloids on my chest, shoulder and back. There is no treatment in alophati. One homeophatic doctor advised me to take thiosinominum 6x, four tablets, three times a day for a long time. I just want to know that what is the utility of theosinonum 6x in my above condition? Will this medicine completely remove the keloids? Are there any side effects? -- S.K.G.

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Hylands Homeopathic got its start in 1903 in Los Angeles, Calif., where founders began manufacturing homeopathic medicine. They are famous for pink aspirin and grew from there. Homepathic medicine is based on the idea that like cures like. So allergy symptoms like runny noses and watery noses might be cured by an onion that causes the same symptoms. Medicines are made for each individual person at a minimum dose.

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