What is There to do with Children in Houston?

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While the city of Houston, Texas may not in the prime of its celebrated oil heyday any longer, there is still plenty for any family to see and do while visiting the city. Here are some examples of things you can do with children in Houston that will be fun for the entire family.

The Children’s Museum of Houston is an ideal example of things to do with children in Houston that will amuse everyone from older siblings to grandparents. Located on Binz Street, the Museum has a number of standing gallery exhibits that will transport everyone to another place and time.

Children can have fund learning about soap products in the courtyard, including getting into the suds themselves for some good clean fun. A gallery devoted to ancient Mexico allows visitors to walk through a recreation of Oaxaca that visually illustrates life in Ancient America. A gallery devoted to the subject of art allows children the opportunity to create a painting or two on their own. Other galleries provide fun in the form of brainteasers, history of inventions, and food processing from the farm to the grocery store shelves. The Children’s Museum has something to do for anyone spending time with children in Houston no matter what their range of interests.


For more getting back to nature, nothing beats a trip to Old MacDonald’s Farm. Parents who are looking for things to do with children in Houston will find no less than twelve petting zoos at the Farm. All sorts of domesticated farm animals are there for viewing. Feeding stations at some of the petting zoos allow kids the chance to actually feed some of the animals. Along with the petting zoo, there are two spots on the Farm that are ideal for picnics. The Old West Fort and Indian Village both feature covered areas that are great for grilling out or spreading out a packed picnic lunch. There are also plenty of trees nearby that provide ideal spots for spreading out the picnic blanket.

Of course, visiting with children in Houston would not be complete without a trip to the Space Center Houston, also known as the Johnson Space Center. Originally opened as the Manned Spacecraft Center in 1961, the Johnson center has been the center place for the development of much of the components of NASA’s space program. At the space center, your children can learn the history of the space program in the United States, watch astronauts in training, touch a real moon rock, and experience space flight and landing a space shuttle, all through the excellent simulations available to the public. It is a good idea to plan on spending two days with children in Houston space center, as there is a lot to see and do.

As a vacation spot for families, Houston has a lot to offer. Parents with children in Houston never want for something exiting to see and do. From petting zoos to parks to the excitement of the Space Center, the city provides amusements that will meet the expectations of just about any child, regardless of age.


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