What is There to do When Visiting Bridgeport, Connecticut?

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Bridgeport, also known as "The Park City," is Connecticut's largest city, with a population of little over 130,000 people. Bridgeport became one of Connecticut's most important cities after the railroad created a main stop there in 1840, but later on suffered through the recession. Despite the area's booming economy and growth over the past decade, a good percentage of the population of Bridgeport now works in New York City, which is barely a couple of hours away. People visiting Bridgeport for the first time will notice a series of housing complexes and urban renewal projects now underway. These are part of a combined effort of the city and state to bring the area back to its full potential.

Visiting Bridgeport is a great chance to enjoy notable harbor sights, full of historical building dating back to the 19th century. Captain's Cove, on the seaside, offers people visiting Bridgeport a glance into the city's maritime history through exhibits, harbor cruises, and tours of the floating lighthouse. Captain’s Cove Seaport is the city's main shopping area, with hundreds of small shops dotted along the harbor. The city also does justice to its nickname with over 30 parks, many of which offer those visiting Bridgport access to baseball fields, tennis courts, picnic areas, and plenty of playgrounds.


People visiting Bridgeport have a chance to delve into its popular culture, mainly because of its association with P.T. Barnum and his circus, which is now honored at the Barnum Museum. In the spring, the city is home to the P.T. Barnum Festival, in which a parade and a grand a fireworks display turn the streets into a live show. Bridgeport is also the place where the Frisbee® was born, back in the 1940s.

The Downtown Cabaret Theater is a great place for those visiting Bridgeport with culture in mind. The Theater has been at its present location since 1975, and it's a great place for those looking for a quick view into local culture and entertainment. The theater has its own Vaudeville Troupe. The Greater Bridgeport Symphony is another historical stop for those visiting Bridgeport, with dozens of free live concerts around the city. Bridgeport's most important museum is The Discovery Museum, geared especially to children but popular with adults too.


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