What is There to do in Provo, Utah?

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Provo is Utah's third largest city. Surrounded by a green valley, mountains and Utah Lake, the city of Provo, as well as Provo Canyon and Provo River, is named after the French trapper, Etienne Provost, who explored this part of Utah. Many of the things to do in Provo include culture and the arts.

Brigham Young University (BYU) is located in Provo, so a trip to see the campus is a popular choice among visitors. The University's Museum of Art is actually one of the most popular university art museums all of in North America. Its permanent collection focuses on religious as well as American art. The BYU Museum of Art is also known for its traveling exhibits from countries such as Italy, Israel and China. Open to the community, it is also used for research and study by many BYU students.

Whether you're in Provo in winter, or summer, or one of the other seasons, a popular attraction is Sundance Resort. This resort is sometimes said to be located in the city of Provo or the city of Sundance; either way, it is a short 25 minute drive or so from the center of Provo. Founded in 1969 by actor Robert Redford, the resort is a popular spot for snow skiing, mountain biking, and simply appreciating nature.


Another popular, natural spot near Provo (about a 35 minute drive) is the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Located in the Wasatch Mountains, this natural monument is comprised of three caverns. In the caverns, visitors will see beautiful colors and interesting natural formations. Additionally, because the caves are at the top of the mountain, over 1,000 feet (or 305 meters) above sea level, you can also catch a great view of Utah.

For musical entertainment, there's the Center Street Musical Theater which is run by the Provo Theater Company. It was opened in 2004 by the Grooms theater family and features a family dinner show with a live orchestra. Shows have included the Sound of Music and the Secret Garden as well as some Disney classics. The Center Street Musical Theater is also known to have theater classes, workshops and summer camps for children.

The Provo Canyon Scenic Byway is a popular drive for taking in the scenic views around Provo. The Byway includes Bridal Veil Falls, a waterfall that attracts tourists in the summer and ice climbers in the winter. Ice climbers have been said to call the frozen falls "Stairway to Heaven." Deer Creek State Park is also within the Provo Canyon Scenic Byway and is a popular place for swimming and boating.


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There's also the Reed Smoot House which was the home of this US Senator who held office in the early 1900s. Notable things about Smoot include the controversy over his religious affiliation and his advocacy of an import tariff that he proposed and was signed into law. That act has been said to have made the Great Depression worse.

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The McCurdy Doll Museum, once a popular attraction in Provo, closed several years ago and is now a private residence.

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