What is There to do in Jacksonville, Florida with Children?

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Families visiting Jacksonville with children have access to many attractions, many of which are either free or available at a very low charge. A classic example is the many parks that are spread around the city and offer many chances for walking, playing in the lakes, and cycling. The

The Riverwalk, a 2.5 miles path created to border downtown Jacksonville near the river, is another great example of outdoor space that can be accessed by those visiting Jacksonville with children. Nearby, located right on Jacksonville Beach, is Adventure Landing, a group of attractions centered on water rides, but also featuring miniature golf and laser tag.

For a quick but impressive stop while in Jacksonville with children, visit the 200-foot Friendship Fountain, in the park by the same name. The fountain is especially impressive at night, when a light show is played at a rhythmical pace. Boat rides can be taken nearby, and children can even play with the several life-size lion statues surrounding the fountain. The Kathryn Abby Hanna Park, not far away, offers those visiting Jacksonville with children a chance to relax right on the ocean. A large water playground, picnic tables, and paddle boats make the Kathryn Abby Hanna Park a great stop for the whole family.


Those visiting Jacksonville with children should stop by The Sprinkles' "When I Grow Up" museum. Specially created for kids under seven, the Sprinkles museum is the only American museum centered on careers. Here, children get a chance to play doctor, pretend they are world-class athletes, and get a lesson in history in the way. The museum is housed on the first floor of the Karpeles Manuscript Museums, a great historical stop for the whole family.

Families visiting Jacksonville with children should also stop by the Jacksonville Zoological Gardens, one of the largest on the eastern coast. The Jacksonville Zoological Gardens is home to over 2,000 animals, many endangered or unique. The zoo also features many areas that mimic the animals' natural environments, including pools of water, hills, and jungle-like formations. Wood storks use some areas of the zoo as their breeding and living areas. They fly away in the off season and then return to the zoo to breed again the next year.


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Post 4

Almost anything your children want to do, you can find in Jacksonville. Just go online and search. And finding a hotel in Jacksonville usually is not a problem.

When you visit Jacksonville, be sure to remind the kids that Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States based on square miles.

Post 3

Sporkasia - The parents of young children will be pleased to know that Jacksonville does have plenty of activities other than the beach visits. There are more miniature golf courses than I can count, plenty of kid-friendly restaurants, professional and minor league sports and that's just for starters.

Jacksonville has all the activities you expect in a medium to large city and the attractions of a beach city. For young teens, there are also malls and plenty of places where young people can hang out in a safe environment.

Post 2

When planning a trip to Florida for the family, the first destination to come to mind is most likely not going to be Jacksonville. I imagine Orlando is at the top of the list. Competing with Mickey and all his friends is not easy, and Jacksonville has nothing quite like Disney, but that's not all bad.

I lived in Jacksonville for a couple years and our favorite activity with the kids was going to the beach. Children of a certain age can spend endless hours at the beach and never get restless or bored. I know there are beaches all over Florida, but Jacksonville beaches in general are quieter, with not so many partying tourists and the beaches are family friendly.

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