What is There to do in Columbia, South Carolina?

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The city of Columbia, South Carolina is a town that offers a lot of recreational activities coupled with plenty of history. Settled in 1786, Columbia has the prestige of being one of the first city developments that were planned in advance.

Along with its status of being one of the first capital cities in the country, it is also considered by many to be the first planned capital city in the country as well. There are still a number of graceful neighborhoods and historic sites that attest to the rich heritage of the city, as well as plenty of family recreation to enjoy.

One of the main attractions around Columbia is the many run things to do around Lake Murray. As a fifty thousand acre body or water, Lake Murray offers a full range of recreational activities that help to make the Southern heat much easier to bear. Early risers can find a number of great places to fish along the banks of the lake. A number of sites around the perimeter of the lake are ideal for a picnic lunch followed by a swim at any one of the designated swimming areas. For those that want to get out on the water, there are plenty of chances to enjoy boating and skiing. As a great place to catch a breeze and get some relief from the summertime temperatures, Lake Murray is an excellent choice.


For minor league baseball fans, Columbia is home to the Capital City Stadium and the city’s own team, the Columbia Blowfish. Affiliated with the Coastal Plain League, the Blowfish is the latest in a long tradition of baseball teams for the city. With a full-seized state of the art stadium to enjoy, friends and families can have a great time with the night and weekend afternoon games, all while enjoying a foot long hot dog and other traditional baseball game fare. Reasonable ticket prices and plenty of concessions to choose from make this an ideal entertainment option, even if the budget is currently a little tight.

History buffs will delight in the Fort Jackson museum, located on Jackson Boulevard. On the site of a working fort, the United States Army maintains the facility as a memorial to the two hundred plus years of military history associated with Columbia. Visitors can enjoy over four thousand historic items that are kept on permanent display at the site of the old fort. Among the items on display are weapons, uniforms and even some vehicles that give plenty of insight into military life during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Perhaps one of the well known of attractions in Columbia is the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden. The Zoo houses more than two thousand animals, representing over three hundred species. Along with the animal exhibits, guests can also enjoy a diving expedition on a transplanted coral reef, as well as a mini safari experience through some sections of the zoo that are landscaped to capture the feel of the plains of Africa.

The Botanical Garden has a national reputation as being one of the greatest public gardens in the country. The seventy acres of the garden incorporate in excess of four thousand different types of plant life, creating an eclectic mix of local and international plant life. With a number of sections carrying themes that conjure of visions of many times and places, just about everyone can find something to enjoy. The beautiful landscaping found around the gardens are often called upon as the backdrop for wedding ceremonies, family reunions and other special events.

There is no doubt that Columbia, South Carolina has a lot going for it. From a rich history to contemporary entertainment, the city offers something for people of all ages and backgrounds. Visitors will be charmed by the town and its citizens, while anyone looking for a new home would do very well to consider Columbia as wonderful place to put down roots.


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