What is There to do for Free in Jacksonville, Florida?

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As one of the most beautiful cities in Florida, Jacksonville offers quite a range of activities for citizens and visitors alike. Among the many amusements available are a number of things to do for free in Jacksonville. Here are a few examples that are ideal ways to spend your time without spending any money.

Northeast Florida is graced with a breathtaking shoreline that includes a series of barrier islands separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Intra-Coastal waterway outside Jacksonville. Nestled in this area, and less than 20 miles east of the center of the city, you'll find one of the most popular things to do for free in and around Jacksonville. Jacksonville Beach is miles and miles of pristine white beaches that provide an ideal place to enjoy the breezes off the Atlantic, while getting in some swimming and working on the tan. Strategically placed along the stretch of beach are showers and bathroom facilities, plenty of parking and open-air verandas that are ideal for enjoying a picnic lunch.


For a step back in time, the Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve provides a fun and educational experience for free in Jacksonville. Containing in excess of 46,000 acres of intentionally unspoiled wetlands, the Preserve is one of the last examples of prehistoric conditions on the planet. The combination of wildlife and rich vegetation is spread over land that includes such natural wonders as coastal dunes, salt marshes, and hardwood hammocks that are almost impenetrable. Elevated pathways allow visitors to view sections of the preserve, while lookout stations provide a great way to check out the view across the preserve. This is one example of things to do for free in Jacksonville that attracts visitors all year long.

For a chance to learn more about the history of fire fighting, the Jacksonville Fire Museum is a must when looking for things to do for free in Jacksonville. Housed in an authentic firehouse that was built in 1902, the museum is a treasure trove of fire fighting equipment from days gone by. One of the centerpiece exhibits is the 1926 American LaFrance fire engine, complete with a bright red paint job. Kids will thrill with the old style water pots and hoses, as well as the pictures of horse driven fire trucks and a history on the development of volunteer and full time fire departments in the city of Jacksonville.

As a great place to relax for free in Jacksonville, nothing compares to the beautiful Metropolitan Park in the downtown area. Along with plenty of spots to enjoy the shade and catch a breeze, there are also open-air concerts held several times a year. Built on a vacant lot in 1984, this twenty-seven acre park is an ideal place to toss around a football, enjoy a picnic, or curl up under a tree with a good book.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to enjoy Jacksonville. With a wide array of things to do for free in Jacksonville, just about anyone can have a great time.


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Post 5

Certain times of the year, Jacksonville offers free street and park concerts. Some of the bands are very good. These concerts are good places to meet people and just enjoy the surroundings and other activities in Jacksonville.

Post 4

I find Jacksonville, Florida interesting because of the way it combines the city and beach landscapes. I can spend days just walking and driving around the city.

If you are into buildings, you will find an interesting mix of architectural styles there. The parks are great, and offer a refuge from the traffic and congestion that naturally come with a place the size of Jacksonville.

Post 3

Any conversation about things to do in Jacksonville, Florida has to begin with the beaches. This city is well known for the quality of its coast line, and it costs nothing to take a stroll on one of the public beaches. Jacksonville is not as warm as some parts of the state, but there are plenty of days warm enough to go in the ocean for a swim; after all, this is Florida.

Of course, you can also simply relax or play on the beach. Jacksonville is a great destination for sun lovers.

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