What is There to do for Free in Dallas?

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When you are in Dallas and money is tight, there are still plenty of activities you can enjoy for free in Dallas. Here are just a few of the no cost entertainment solutions that Dallas has to offer.

Any list of free activities in Dallas, Texas has to begin with Outdoor Sculpture tour in the downtown area. Placed in strategic spots, the pieces range from 19th century originals to contemporary art forms. All in all, there are over thirty sculptures to discover as you walk through downtown, including one of a painter in the process of capturing the beauty of Dallas on canvas. Finding some of the sculptures is half the fun, since some of them are tucked away in spots that a quick scan of the street will not reveal.

The Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive is another example of entertainment for free in Dallas. Located next to the Dallas Convention Center, the number of oversized bronze cattle seems to grow from year to year. The location for the cattle drive is not accidental. The site is a section of the old Shawnee Trail that was used to drive cattle from Texas to the north during the middle 19th century. As one of the largest bronze monuments in the world, the Cattle Drive can be an awe-inspiring sight.


Near the Trammel Crow Center, it is easy to enjoy art for free in Dallas. The Art and Sculpture Garden contains over twenty statues of the masters of French art. The setting includes beautiful landscaping, cascading waters, and a selection of flora that complements the placing of the statues around the space. Comfortable benches around the garden make it possible to sit and enjoy the surroundings for hours on end.

Among the activities that can be enjoyed for free in Dallas is the chance to learn the history of one of the nations largest cosmetics companies. Located on the North Dallas Parkway, the Mary Kay Cosmetics firm houses a section that allows visitors to get a glimpse of how the company came about, it’s early history, and why the company is still a success after so many years in operation. As is true of many success stories, a guest will leave with a renewed respect for all the hard work and determination that goes into making dreams come true.

For some fun with the kids, nothing beats the Super Model Train exhibit as fun for free in Dallas. Located in the lobby of the Children’s Medical Center on Motor Street, the exhibit is the largest permanent model train collection on display. Eight trains run at the same time, creating a sight that is sure to bring a smile to the lips of all children, young and old. The Super Model Train exhibit is open for visitors around the clock.

Rest and recreation for free in Dallas can be found at the Dallas Nature Center. Easily accessible from downtown, the Nature Center boasts over six hundred acres of wilderness and prairie space. Weaving through the Center are a series of walking trails, nurseries, a visitors center complete with nature programs, and picnic areas. Bringing along some food and a blanket can ensure a good time for an entire day.

Visiting Dallas on a shoestring budget does not mean there are no entertainment options available. In fact activities for free in Dallas are numerous and will appeal to just about any taste. For more information on entertainment for free in Dallas, check with the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.


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