What Is the Wurn Technique®?

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Among the many treatments employed by physical therapists to alleviate pain and promote mobility, the Wurn Technique® is particularly concerned with removing adhesions created by injuries, surgeries or even sickness. These are like internal scars that not only can harden and obstruct, but also latch to surrounding tissue and wreak havoc to normal functioning. Larry and Belinda Wurn, the couple that created the Wurn technique, are a licensed masseur and physical therapist, respectively. They began devising the technique's more than 200 components in the 1990s to alleviate the pain Belinda was suffering after surgery and cancer treatment.

The Wurn technique® should only be performed by a certified therapist, according to its official Web site. Candidates must pass a test on the contents of a Therapist Training Manual, then train with the Wurns' Clear Passage clinic or another certified instructor before working with patients. With this technique, these licensed professionals then attempt to coax and unknead adhesions formed throughout the body as an alternative or complement to further surgery or medication.


After poring over a patient's medical history and current complaints, the first treatment of the Wurn technique is likely to involve the isolation and subtle softening of particular adhesions in the body. This is particularly the case when it is being used to alleviate a particular source of pain. It may be followed by other components of the technique to promote overall motility, or functioning, of the organs and gynecological health. In addition to subtle massaging movements, the practitioner might also use other tactics like stretching or traction to fully arrive at the root of a patient's problems.

According to the founders and several professional supporters, the Wurn technique® has been successfully used to ease pain and digestive disorders, improve mobility and flexibility, and lessen pain during intercourse as well as improve fertility. Fertility has become a particular concern of Wurn clinicians, after results were noted that allegedly show improved pregnancy rates for groups of women undergoing the therapy.

Though unbiased study appears to be needed, a few reports on the Wurn technique®'s efficacy have been compiled by the Wurns and published by the WebMD Web site. In these, the couple claims clear success in countering inflammation, infertility and overall mobility. Few in the medical community appear to have countered the claims, however, that adhesions can form in the body for various reasons and can be lessened by these targeted manipulations.


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I've had 13 abdominal operations (total cuts) and I've lived with pain my whole adult life. I want it gone. I'm tired of it, but of course health insurance doesn't cover the Wurn technique.

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