What Is the Treatment for Lip Warts?

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Some over-the-counter and natural wart treatments can be used to remove warts on lips. Due to the sensitive nature of facial skin, however, treatment of lip warts usually warrants the assistance of a medical professional. A dermatologist will sometimes prescribe a topical ointment for these warts. Freezing or burning the warts can be used to get rid of some warts, and surgical removal may be necessary for stubborn warts.

Warts are typically caused by a virus know as the human papilloma virus (HPV). Although there is no cure for this virus, bothersome warts can be removed. Several over-the-counter wart treatments can be purchased for common warts, but individuals must used caution when trying to get rid of lip warts.

Individuals should never apply a wart remover to the face or lips, unless it is specifically formulated for these areas. Wart removers meant to be used on other parts of the body can irritate the sensitive lip tissue. When removing warts from lips with an over-the-counter ointment, patients should only use products specifically labeled as safe to use on the face and lips.

Many natural wart remedies can also be used to remove lip warts. Apple cider vinegar rubbed on a wart, for example, will sometimes cause it to disappear. This will usually take some time, however, and several applications are usually necessary.


A trip to a dermatologist is usually necessary in order to get rid of lip warts. He may prescribe an ointment or lotion. Many wart ointments contain salicylic acid, which slowly breaks down the wart.

Cryotherapy is one common treatment method to remove lip warts. During this procedure, a doctor carefully applies a small amount of liquid nitrogen. This liquid is around -320 degrees F (-196 degrees C), and when it is applied to the wart, a blister forms underneath. Eventually, both the blister and wart fall off.

Besides being frozen, warts can also be removed by burning them. Electrosurgery, for instance, is a procedure in which wart tissue is burned with an electric current. Sometimes the wart is allowed to fall off on it own, but other times, a doctor may remove it with a curette.

Traditional surgery may also be performed to removed lip warts, but this is somewhat rare. Laser surgery is becoming a popular lip and facial wart treatment, but it is typically more expensive than other methods. During this procedure, a strong beam of intense light is used to destroy the tissue of the wart.


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Post 6

I checked this article last week because I have a lip wart for about eight months now. It started a small white bump on my lower lip on the right side of my mouth, and it's so embarrassing. Every time we go to a party or an occasion, I would get worried because it was starting to get bigger and I bit it so many times and it got worse.

I thought it would just go away and it did not, so I checked online on how to treat it and I found this article about the apple cider vinegar but I did not do it. I went to my personal doctor instead.

I went to my doctor and he

treated my lip wart by freezing it, so after a few days I had some blisters on my lip and it was so embarrassing, especially at work. I waited for about a week and I noticed that my lip wart was not 100 percent gone, that there was still a little bit of a white bump so I was worried again. I didn't want to go back to my doctor to freeze it one more time because I would have blisters again, so I decided to buy apple cider vinegar at my nearest grocery store.

When I got home, I got a cotton swab and dipped it in the ACV and and put that on my lip wart so many times. I even put it on for a long period of time -- about two hours -- and put some before going to sleep. I did these steps for three days. Of course, you will get some burns or blisters on the wart areas, but that is fine because it burns the wart. After three days, I was very happy because my lip wart had disappeared and it healed really quick. I hope this comment of mine will help others who have had a lip wart for a long period of time and don't know how to treat them. I hope this one helps.

Post 4

I don't know what causes warts, but seem to have more than my share of them. I don't even mess around trying to take care of them by myself anymore.

I go to the doctor and have them treated with liquid nitrogen. This takes care of them and I don't have to worry about them coming back or mess with creams for weeks at a time.

Especially if a get a wart in an obvious place like on my lip, I am making an appointment and getting it taken care of as soon as possible.

Post 3
@bagley79-- I had mixed results using apple cider vinegar to get rid of a wart on my lip. It will take longer than 2 weeks though. You have to give it time and make sure you dab some vinegar on a few times a day.

As long as I kept up with this the wart got quite a bit smaller, but it never did completely disappear. After stopping the applications for awhile it also came back again. Other people might have different results than I did, but that is about the best that it worked for me.

Post 2

Has anybody had good results using apple cider vinegar to get rid of a wart on your lip? I don't have any health insurance so am looking for a natural remedy that might work. I have been applying it for a couple of weeks but haven't noticed anything different.

Post 1

Having a wart on your lip is not only annoying but embarrassing as well. I have had warts on other parts of my body, but couldn't believe I got one on my lip.

I tried some of the over-the-counter products I had on hand, but none of these worked. I don't know if I was supposed to be using these on my lip or not, but figured I would at least give it a try and see what happened.

Eventually I went to a dermatologist and he froze the wart off. I should have just done this from the beginning as it would have saved me some stress.

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