What is the Treatment for Double Vision?

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The best treatment for double vision depends on the condition that is causing the vision problem. If you develop this issue, it is important to visit a healthcare professional immediately. There are a variety of eye specialists, and choosing the right one is the best way to get an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment.

Sometimes double vision can result from other health conditions in your body. If you believe that this may be the case, your family practitioner is a good place to start. If changes in your vision is your only symptom, a trip to an eye specialist makes sense. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors that are trained to diagnose and treat eye conditions.

Optometrists and opticians, although trained in eye matters, are not medical doctors. Optometrists perform eye exams and prescribe glasses and contact lenses. Opticians dispense glasses. Neither of these professions are trained as medical doctors.

The medical term for this condition is diplopia. Some reasons you may experience diplopia are physical changes in the lens or retina of the eye or the inability of the brain to process the images it sees with each eye. It can occur as the only complaint, or as one symptom of a greater health condition. Some diseases that may lead to diplopia are multiple sclerosis, stroke, overactive thyroid, a developing tumor, nerve paralysis and some neuromuscular diseases.


The treatment for this problem depends on the cause. If the problem is a result of misalignment, where each eye focuses on a different view, an ophthalmologist may treat the condition with eye exercises or surgical intervention. Some conditions will require a combination of surgery and therapy.

If diplopia is a side effect of another health condition, it is important to work with a specialist to reduce the problem. While many of the ailments that cause this problem are progressive, managing the condition is the best way to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Other diseases that lead to double vision, such as strokes, can be effectively treated through early intervention and aggressive physical therapy.

No matter what causes your symptoms, it is important to receive prompt treatment. Treatment at the first sign of diplopia will give you and your physician the best chance of reducing the impact of double vision on your life. While not all cases of double vision can be treated, an experienced ophthalmologist can help you effectively deal with new limitations to your sight.


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I am 28 years old writing from India. Let me tell you about my case history.

1) At the age of seven years, I was wounded at left corner of my head resulting to drying of eye nerves and lost my vision of left eye.

2)At the age of nine years I was operated for the correction of a squint, i.e., for diverge strabismus, and the doctor has told that if there was an increase in vision, it will be through natural processes.

3)Later on there was no improvement and my eye again occupied the squint position.

4)At the age of 14 I developed the double vision phenomena and lazy eye.

5)The most important thing I have

realized since the occurrence of double vision is I can't see from the center of my left eye and to get the clear image i have to tilt or divert my eye.

Whenever i close my right eye and try to see from the center of my left eye, my brain doesn't anticipate anything and instead my brain focuses on my right eye activity center. Suppose if i close my right eye and try to see by left eye from center; i can't see from center but i can see from the sides.

If i am trying to see from center of left eye, things appear as if i am sleeping because the entire concentration comes to the center of my right eye side, which is closed and the vision from left eye appears to be blind.

I am right now 28. Is there any chance that i will be able to see from the center of my left eye? If i am able to see front center, I think my vision will be return to some extent.

Please guide me if there is any treatment or exercise to correct it. Regards, Rajesh J.

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