What is the Treatment for Bleeding Nipples?

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There are many different causes of bleeding nipples including breast cancer, breastfeeding, and breast tumors. The best way to determine the cause of bleeding nipples is to visit with a medical expert right away. Women who are breastfeeding may experience bleeding and sore nipples due to improper feeding techniques.

Bleeding nipples caused by breastfeeding can usually be fixed with a couple of adjustments. Babies who are extremely hungry tend to draw milk from the breasts in a slightly aggressive manner. Thus, making sure to feed your child every two hours will ensure a normally paced feeding session.

Using a breast pump prior to feeding your child is also a good idea. By allowing your breast milk to flow naturally before a feeding session, you will effectively elongate your nipples. When your child is ready to eat, your breast will be ready for feeding. Take care of your sore breast, and allow it to heal by giving your other breast to your child first.

If your nipple pain is severe, you may want to consider taking a mild pain reliever approximately 30 minutes before nursing your child. This will help to soothe any pain cause by bleeding nipples. Warm washcloths pressed against the sore area can also help to reduce pain and swelling.


Nursing pads should be changed each time you feed your child. A wet nursing pad can irritate the nipple area causing additional pain. If your nipple pain is so severe that you cannot wear clothes or a bra, adding breast shells inside of your bra will help. For those women who can no longer nurse due to bleeding nipples, there are some other alternatives.

While it's optimal to breastfeed your child, this might not be possible. In the instance that you can no longer feed your child, speak with your physician about other feeding methods. Frequently, nipple pain will subside after a period of healing, which will make it possible for you to feed your child once again.

Breastfeeding is not supposed to be overly painful, though some new mothers may find this process tricky. Bleeding nipples can often be the cause of improper latch-on techniques, and poor positioning while nursing. Try to adjust your position the next time that you feed your child, and see whether or not this new position makes a difference. Remember to notify your doctor of any breast pain, just in case your condition may need closer medical attention.


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i have blood coming from my nipple and i am going for biopsy in two months. the doctor from the breast clinic said that they have to do a biopsy now. I am petrified about what they will do to me when they do a biopsy.

If anyone has had one of these, please contact me. i am so afraid that it's cancer. i am so worried. thank you so much for listening.

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