What Is the Theology of Creation?

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The theology of creation is the study of the Biblical account of the origins of the earth and all life on it, which is contained in the book of Genesis. Chapter 1 of Genesis describes the creation of the earth, sun, and human beings. The account declares that God created all things through fiat, or through His spoken word, and that all of these creations were good. It also states that men and women were created in the image of God and were given dominion over the earth at that time. The theology of creation is considered a fundamental doctrine of the Christian church and is often pointed to by theologians in describing the character and nature of God.

One of the most important tenets of the theology of creation is the time line. The narrative in Genesis 1 describes the creation of everything in the universe taking place in six literal 24-hour days on earth. Theology courses often point to the use of the Hebrew word yom in the Old Testament texts, which is the word for “day.” The same word used in the original texts is used throughout the Old Testament, so theologians state that the account in Genesis was written to intend exactly six days rather than an extended period of time.


The Fourth Commandment in the Bible also deals with the theology of creation. This commandment teaches that men and women are to work six days per week and rest on the seventh. The command mirrors the creation narrative, in which God created everything in six days and rested on the seventh. Theology courses often point out the importance of the text, stating that God created everything through His spoken word. Chapter 11, verse 3 of the book of Hebrews states that everything was literally brought into being through God speaking rather than assembled through preexisting matter. Theologians use this text to illustrate the creative power of God and hold it up in comparison to the big bang theory, which states that matter was created by an explosion. Psalm 33 also affirms the theology of creation.

Seminary degrees often require coursework related to the theology of creation. It is usually held in conjunction with courses on God’s covenant with humanity, His promises, and the fulfillment of those promises in the coming of Jesus Christ. Creation theology is often taught as part of a student’s apologetics coursework as well, in which he or she learns essential arguments in defending the Christian faith.


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