What is the Study of International Tourism Management?

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International tourism management is a study that centers on why people travel and explores how to meet those needs. It involves learning to conduct research used to develop strategies to attract visitors, marketing certain destinations and event planning. College courses to earn a degree in this area often include study on how the Internet affects tourism and travel. People employed in international tourism management might work for a nonprofit or public agency that promotes tourism, and with hotels, airline companies, and tour operators.

Tourism is one of the largest industries. Millions of people travel for enjoyment, health, and religious or business purposes. Those travelers spend substantial amounts of money each year nationally and internationally. International tourism management identifies the basis for travel to certain regions and ensures that transportation, nearby attractions, and hotel accommodations are readily available.

Most colleges that offer education in this field require travel abroad to give the student real-life experience in another country. He or she may be presented with scenarios that test the student’s business, marketing, and destination development skills as part of graduation requirements. The trips teach students how tourism impacts a region environmentally, culturally, and economically.


Some countries promote tourism by employing international tourism management personnel as a regular part of governmental operations. These agencies aim to become competitive in the quest to attract a portion of tourist money to a specific area. The manager commonly works with travel and hospitality industries to promote affordable opportunities for business and leisure visitors.

Early man traveled out of necessity to seek food or reach more temperate climates. Travel evolved into trekking farther to trade goods with other people in an early form of commerce. Visiting new places for pleasure did not become popular until the turn of the 20th century, when people began traveling primarily by rail to enjoy new experiences.

International tourism management came to the forefront after jet travel made traveling accessible during their annual vacation. The concept of a paid vacation emerged in the 1930s, which popularized the idea of leisure travel. Working class people were then able to save for annual vacations formerly only available to the wealthy.


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