What Is the State Stone of Ohio?

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Technically, there is no state stone of Ohio. The official symbol that probably comes closest to being the state stone of Ohio is state gemstone, flint. Flint itself is not a rock, but a type of quartz, which in itself, is a mineral. In fact, flint is the most common mineral found on the Earth’s surface. The adoption of this official state gemstone occurred in 1956 on the approval of the Ohio General Assembly.

In Ohio, flint is most prevalent in the center of the state, as well as the eastern part. Historically, one of the major areas in Ohio where Native Americans found flint was in a place called Flint Ridge. Today, flint from this eastern part of the state is found in other parts of the country as well because Native Americans would trade flint with each other. Flint originally from Flint Ridge has been found in various places such as the Rocky Mountains in the western United States.

Native Americans, as well as early European settlers, of Ohio had many uses for flint. For Native Americans, flint was a great resource as they could fashion it into a variety of implements, from ceremonial pieces to tools to weapons. A few examples of items that Native Americans made with flint include arrowheads, knives and pipes. For early European settlers, flint was useful in making flintlock guns as well as millstones.


Today, artists make jewelry out of flint, some of which collectors consider valuable. Flint is compatible as jewelry because of its polished surface. In addition, flint comes in a variety of colors. The array of colors in which flint comes includes blue, black, green, and red. In some cases, different combinations of colors can determine the value of the jewelry for some collectors.

All in all, the historical and geographical significance of flint in Ohio explains why the state chose to name it as its official gemstone. Since different states have different numbers and types of state symbols, it is not strange for there to be no state stone of Ohio. Official symbols are meant to represent, and to bring exposure to, the state, so although there is no state stone of Ohio, there are other official symbols for Ohio including the state bird, flower and tree. In addition to these and many others, Ohio even has an official state beverage, fossil and prehistoric monument.


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