What Is the State Song of Pennsylvania?

N. Madison

The state song of Pennsylvania is called Pennsylvania and was written by Ronnie Bonner and Eddie Khoury. It was adopted as the official state song on 29 November 1990. The song features two verses and two choruses and speaks of such things as the mightiness of the name Pennsylvania, the men who fought for freedom, and the bell of independence. God, the country's flag, and the birthplace of the United States are also mentioned in this song.

Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In the United States, 49 states have state songs. Pennsylvania got its official song on 29 November 1990. The song that was given official status is called Pennsylvania and consists of two verses, each one about seven lines long. It also consists of two choruses, each of which has just a couple of lines. Ronnie Bonner and Eddie Khoury are credited with both writing and composing the state song of Pennsylvania. According to some reports, Eddie Khoury wrote the lyrics of the song while Ronnie Bonner composed the music for it.

The Liberty Bell is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The Liberty Bell is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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The bill drafted to make Pennsylvania the official state song was General Assembly of Pennsylvania House Bill Number 200 and was introduced in 1989. The bill was introduced by nine individuals in February of 1989 and was supported by Senator Rhoades. It was amended on 27 June 1990 and signed into law by then Governor Robert Casey on 29 November 1990. Since achieving official status as the state song of Pennsylvania, it has been available for public use purposes.

As with the songs adopted by other states, the state song of Pennsylvania mentions the matters its creators believed were important to Pennsylvanians and would continue to be considered important as years passed. In this song, its authors describe the name Pennsylvania as mighty and mention the state's glory and tradition. The creators also call Pennsylvania a place where brave men engaged in battle for freedom and mention the sound of the bell of independence.

Some verses in the song also mention God, the birth of the United States, a keystone, and the United States flag. In the state song of Pennsylvania, the authors state that Pennsylvania is blessed by God and describe it as the nation's birthplace. They call Pennsylvania the keystone of the United States and mention that it was the first place the U.S. flag was unfolded. The choruses also include a wish for Pennsylvania's future to be filled with everlasting honor.

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