What Is the State Song of New Jersey?

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The state song of New Jersey is called I'm From New Jersey and was written by a man named Red Mascara. Interestingly, this song is only unofficially the state song — the New Jersey legislative houses voted to make it the official song in 1972, but the governor of the state vetoed the bill. Likewise, there have been many other attempts to create an official state song of New Jersey, but so far, none of them have been successful. This state's lack of an official song is particularly interesting due, in part, to the fact that it is the only US state that does not have an official state song.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Unlike all of the other states in the US, New Jersey does not have an official state song. While there have been attempts to pass laws making a song official for the state, none have made it that far. One song, which is called I'm From New Jersey, almost made it to official status in 1972. As such, I'm From New Jersey is typically referred to as the state's unofficial song.

The unofficial state song of New Jersey is credited to a man named Red Mascara, who wrote both its words and music. Mascara is a New Jersey native who says he wrote the song as an expression of his pride in the state. Perhaps thinking others would also enjoy using the song to express their pride in the state, Mascara put many years of effort into having it declared official.

In 1972, when the song nearly became official, it won the vote in both of the state's legislative houses. When it finally had its chance in front of the governor, however, it lost. The governor vetoed the legislation because he didn't feel the song had the support of the state. According to some reports, Mascara asserted that he didn't think the governor understood how much popularity the song actually enjoyed.

The non-official state song of New Jersey is a lighthearted ditty that describes New Jersey as a "playland," yet also speaks of it as the home to many historic battles. It describes the state's many parks and mountains as well as the pride its writer feels about living in the Garden State. The song also specifically mentions some well-known cities in New Jersey as well as some of its shore destinations. It is also adaptable to include the names of several New Jersey municipalities.

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@titans62 - Well, you are partially right. The song "Born to Run" was recognized by the New Jersey state legislature as being the official youth song of New Jersey, which I guess makes it the only officialized song in any form for the state of New Jersey.

I find it a little surprising that they would pick a song such as this, considering it is a pop song, and also from the simply fact that the state of New Jersey does not have an official state song to begin with.

I wonder if there are certain people in the legislature that cannot be satisfied with whatever song is proposed as being labeled the official state song, or if there really are people that simply do not want one.

I really would like to learn more as to why the state of New Jersey does not have an official state song and if there is an underlying reason as to why?


I always knew that the state of New Jersey did not have an official state song, but I always thought the unofficial state song was "Born to Run" by New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen.

I always found this to be ironic considering that the song is about two people escaping the wretches of their area of New Jersey, but I could have sworn I heard something in the media that said that this had been adopted as the official state song for the state of New Jersey and that even Bruce Springsteen thought it was pretty odd.


@jcraig - I absolutely agree with you and feel like it may have something to do with the fact that politicians want to get rid of New Jersey's label as being a state with several down ridden cities and low grade housing and show they are dealing with these matters.

Do not get me wrong, I have been the the countryside of New Jersey and feel overall that the state gets a bad rap and I do not fully understand why they are depicted the way they are in the media, but I feel like it is something that the state legislatures are self conscious about and feel like they have to show they are doing a lot to make the state better, as opposed to passing measures such as a state song.


Wow, I find it very amazing that a state with such a rich history and culture does not have an official state song.

I wonder if there is just a faction in the state legislature there that does not feel like it is necessary to waste the taxpayers time in order to simply pass something as meaningless as a state song, at least from their perspective.

Personally, I feel like it is a little silly for a state not to have an official state song, especially one such as New Jersey that has a such a rich history as being one of the founding states in the Union.

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