What Is the State Flower of South Carolina?

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South Carolina has two official state flowers. The official state flower of South Carolina is the yellow jasmine, which was officially adopted on 1 February 1924 by the General Assembly of North Carolina. Before making the yellow jasmine the state flower, the South Carolina General Assembly considered several criteria. In 2003, the state also officially adopted the goldenrod as its second state flower. While the yellow jasmine is the official state flower of South Carolina, the goldenrod is the official state wildflower.

One consideration for making the yellow jasmine South Carolina's official state flower is the history of the flower in South Carolina. It was adopted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy based in Anderson, South Carolina, as the emblem of their organization in 1906. One of the members of the organization, Teresa Strickland, composed a poem for the group called “The Legend of the Yellow Jasmine,” in homage to the yellow jasmine. Another reason why the yellow jasmine is the state flower of South Carolina is because it is one of the first flowers to sprout in spring, which lets people know that spring is around the corner. It is also thought to have a pleasing fragrance.


The yellow jasmine has other names, which include Carolina Jessamine or Carolina jasmine, evening trumpet flower, and trumpet vine. "Jessamine" is the way jasmine was spelled in the joint resolution that made the yellow jasmine the state flower of South Carolina. This flower is also featured on the quarters released by the US Mint for the state.

This flower has evergreen vines that climb the length of walls, trees, fences and other stationary items all over South Carolina. It grows in a funnel shape, with five petals and shiny green leaves. The yellow flower usually grows in clusters. Perfume is made from essential oils derived from the yellow jasmine, since many people find it to have a pleasing fragrance. The essential oils must be extracted from real flowers, because it is hard to duplicate the scent of a yellow jasmine.

Despite the fact that it is the official state flower of South Carolina, the plant has certain deadly qualities that must not be overlooked. The flowers can cause an allergic reaction when they are handled. Also, every part of the yellow jasmine is poisonous when ingested and may even lead to paralysis and death.


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