What is the Stargate Project?

G. Melanson

“The Stargate Project” is a code name given to one of several studies carried out by the United States Federal Government for the purpose of investigating the potential employment of psychic abilities in military tactics. Carried out from 1972-1995, the Stargate Project was also known under such code names as: Gondola Wish, Scannate, Sun Streak, Grill Flame, and Center Lane.

The Stargate Project was carried out by the US Federal Government for the purpose of investigating the employment of psychic abilities in military tactics.
The Stargate Project was carried out by the US Federal Government for the purpose of investigating the employment of psychic abilities in military tactics.

The Stargate Project hinged on earlier research of psychic phenomena carried out at The American Society for Psychical Research and The Stanford Research Institute, and was prompted by similar psychic research which was being conducted by the Russian military during the Cold War era. The Project was particularly focused on investigating the potential of "remote viewing," the alleged ability to see physical evidence or information at great distances, as well as precognition, the ability to see the future. Telekinesis, the alleged ability to physically manipulate objects using the mind, was also studied in the Stargate Project.

A reported 22 remote viewers and approximately 14 research labs worked on the $20 million US Dollars (USD) Stargate Project at its peak. The FBI, CIA, and various government, military agencies and departments were also involved in the project. In 1995, after the Stargate Project had been disclosed to the public, Time magazine stated that three psychics were still employed with the project out of Fort Meade, Maryland.

In 1979, one of the psychics working on the Stargate project reported that they could tell that one of the U.S. citizens who was being held hostage in Iran by a group of Islamic militants was “suffering from nausea," with “one side of his body... damaged or hurt” and that “he will be on an airplane in the next few days.” American hostage, Richard Queen, was released three weeks following the prediction and was suffering from multiple sclerosis, which had affected the nerves along one side of his body. Another psychic with the Project, Paul H. Smith, had a remote viewing session which reportedly predicted certain details surrounding the May 17, 1987 attack on the USS Stark frigate three days before it happened.

University of California statistics professor, Jessica Utts, conducted an analysis of the Stargate Project upon its completion, which revealed that the project’s gifted psychic subjects scored 5%-15% above chance, but that their accounts included a large volume of irrelevant and vague information. Upon the disclosure and subsequent termination of the Stargate Project in 1995, the government issued a statement declaring that the project “has not been shown to have value in intelligence operations.”

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