What Is the Solar Energy Industry?

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In 1896, Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius warned that global warming could result from burning fossil fuels.  more...

December 13 ,  2003 :  Saddam Hussein was captured.  more...

The solar energy industry is made up of a number of businesses that are constantly seeking creative ways to harness the energy of the sun. While many consumers may believe that the solar energy market only consists of contractors and repairmen, there are actually a whole slew of professionals studying the geothermal energy industry. Scientists continually seek ways to better store solar power while manufacturers strive to increase quality control procedures to limit the cost to consumers. In fact, there are even lobbyists employed by the renewable energy industry to encourage the governments of the world to increase funding and to help create a greener Earth.

The main employment sector of the solar energy industry does not focus on the sun's rays or solar panels. Instead, a large portion of the workforce is inside laboratories trying to reinvent the ways that people store energy. It is not a secret that the sun is easily powerful enough to provide electricity to the entire Earth; the key is finding ways to harness and save that energy so that it is readily available on demand. One-hundred years from now, it is expected that a battery the size of a tennis ball will be used to power entire housing complexes.


Research and development within the renewable energy industry are extremely costly, which is why so many governments advise consumers to purchase solar panels for their homes and businesses. There are hundreds of thousands of contractors, freelance installers, and repairmen worldwide that install solar cells on a daily basis, while others are out finding new streams of revenue. The solar energy economy is largely dependent on government funding to achieve global freedom from fossil fuels, which is why there are so many activists involved within the solar energy industry.

Solar energy industry professionals actually take up this cause for a variety of reasons. Not only does clean energy help conserve fossil fuels that can never be replaced, but it also provides a means for the average citizen to access inexpensive electricity for his home. Scientists are finding answers to these long-term problems in other areas as well, but none of them are considered even remotely as readily-available as sunlight. As new innovations within the solar energy industry become available in the future, the entire world will ultimately benefit from this technology.


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