What is the Second Chakra?

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In Hindu, Buddhist and New Age philosophies, the human body has a series of seven major energy centers corresponding to points in the body. These pools of energy, called chakras, each govern a different aspect of health. The chakras and physical body affect one another equally; damage to one will reflect in the other. The second, or sacral, chakra is thought to be responsible for sexuality and the sexual organs.

The seven chakras are located along the spine, and most traditions place them as follows: base of the spine, below the navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, center of the forehead, and crown of the head. The sacral chakra is located below the navel; because chakras are ordered from lowest to highest, it is also the second chakra. This chakra plays an important role in energy work.

Also called Svadhisthana, the second chakra governs sexuality and feelings of well-being when in balance with the rest of the energy centers. If the chakra is too weak, a person may experience an emotional disconnect, a loss of interest in sex, or other symptoms. Physically, Svadhisthana is said to govern the kidneys and sexual organs as well as the passage of liquid through the body. When unbalanced, this chakra is said to cause problems with the sexual organs, such as prostate cancer.


Balancing the second chakra may be accomplished through meditation, deep breathing exercises, and drinking plenty of water, among other methods. One meditation technique for energizing the chakra involves visualizing it as a ball of orange light floating slightly below the navel, receiving more energy upon inhalation. The chakra's associated element is water, and its color is orange; therefore, eating or drinking foods that are orange can re-energize Svadhisthana. Crystals and healing stones can also aid in meditation and healing.

The second chakra is primarily associated with carnelian, coral and amber as healing stones. To strengthen a stone's connection with the chakra, immersing it in a glass of water overnight attunes it to the element of water. Holding it in the left hand near the navel during meditation causes the healing energy of the stone to transfer into the body and down to the chakra; holding the stone in the right hand allows excess energy to flow into the stone for later use. After the stone is used, it should be washed thoroughly and placed in a secure location to prevent negative energy from reaching it.


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