What Is the Scope of Human Resource Management?

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The scope of human resource management is vast because it encompasses virtually every aspect of the employee’s relationship with an organization. Common elements in the scope of human resource management include the employee wages, the selection and hiring of employees, activities related to employee motivation and development, employee health and employee safety. All of these activities are related to the smooth running of an organization and are geared toward increasing employee efficiency, productivity and company profits.

Part of the scope of human resource management is to identify when there is a shortage of manpower in an organization. In large organizations, the human resources department identifies those departments within the organization that need more staff. Such a need may arise due to factors like retirement of previous workers, firing of workers, or voluntary quitting by employees. Another manner in which openings may arise is through manpower shortages created by increased consumer demand and consequent increased productivity. The human resources department determines the number of employees that are needed to fill any vacuum in various departments.


Once the determination of the needed employees has been made, another part of the scope of human resource management is to conduct interviews and other necessary steps toward filling the vacancies. This may include placing adverts in newspapers and selecting a time, date and venue for the interview. After the interviews have been conducted, the human resources department will serve as a point of contact for the prospective employees who may call the department concerning the outcome of their interviews. Human resources also sends out emails or letters to the interviewees to inform them about the decision of the interviewers, regardless of whether they were selected for the position.

Another part of the scope of human resources is to arrange for the training and orientation of new employees. This department is also responsible for keeping up with the ongoing development of old employees, which may include arranging seminars and periodic refresher courses. In companies that deal with chemicals or dangerous equipment in the workplace, such as laboratories and manufacturing plants, human resources will make arrangements for education of the employees regarding the various chemicals. In countries like the United States, regulations require this type of training and education to be repeated each time a new chemical or machinery is added.

Human resources must manage the health and welfare of their employees by providing the necessary resources toward achieving these aims. For instance, the human resources department might be responsible for making transportation arrangements for qualifying employees in some organizations. They may also assist employees with personal development issues like arranging for motivational speakers to address the staff and helping employees in paying all or part of their tuition.


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