What is the Sacral Chakra?

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The second of the seven major chakras, the sacral chakra resides in the lower part of the body, below the navel. This energy center is associated with the color orange and is known in Sanskrit as Swadhisthana. The purpose of the sacral chakra is the proper regulation of all liquid aspects of the human body, from circulation to urination, from sexual activity to reproduction. It is also associated with the energies of sexuality and issues of control and creativity.

In the body, the sacral chakra is situated above the tip of the coccyx in the area known as the sacrum. The sacrum is a bone located at the base of the spine and is charged with transmitting spinal fluid between the brain and the spinal column. The sacral chakra's key organs are the testes and the ovaries, though it also commonly linked with the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, stomach, and upper intestines.

An overactive sacral chakra can result in overemotional feelings, and, in some cases, an abnormally high sex drive. It can also create a feeling for more and more control and a desperate desire for money, power, or fame. Physically, an overactive sacral chakra can manifest itself as lower back pain, pelvic discomfort, or reproductive problems.


An underactive sacral chakra may produce many of the same physical symptoms, though the emotional and spiritual results are markedly different. Those with an underactive sacral chakra may experience a loss of sex drive, a decrease in creativity, or an absence of authentic emotional experiences. Another indication of under-activity may be feelings of intense guilt or remorse.

Healing the sacral chakra is an important part in correcting any imbalances and restoring the energies to their rightful equalization. Meditation and visualization practices are extremely helpful in chakra balancing. Sacral chakra healing can also be accomplished by gently moving the pelvis in a plunging motion, which opens up the energy flow, exercises the region physically and emotionally, and helps to restore balance.

Several essential oils and gems are highly beneficial for the sacral chakra and work in conjunction with its energies. Oils of Indian paintbrush and hibiscus are two excellent flower essences that can be daubed on the sacral area for better balance and healing. Gems such as garnet and orange tourmaline can further stimulate this region and facilitate healing. All of these materials can aid in the balancing process and help the sacral chakra return to its normal, healthful state of alignment.


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