What Is the Role of Staffing in Human Resource Management?

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The role of staffing in human resource management covers every aspect of hiring and retaining new employees. It typically begins with identifying the need for new employees in a particular sector and continues through the process of fulfilling those needs. The human resource department is also involved in training new employees and firing those who fail to live up to expectations.

Identifying the need for new employees is usually the first role of staffing in human resource management. This involves evaluating the workload of the current staff to determine if they are meeting productivity goals. If those goals are not being met, the human resource department must decide if shifting the current staff around is sufficient to help meet the goals, or if additional workers are required. If additional employees are required, the department needs to determine if full-time, part-time, or temporary employees would best serve business needs.

Once the need for more workers is established, the next part of staffing in human resource management is recruiting potential hires. This may include sending out an inter-office notice, placing an advertisement in a newspaper or online job websites, or holding a career fair at the facility or local hotel. The last option is especially beneficial when there are numerous different positions that need to be filled. Part of this task includes writing up job descriptions accurately, with as much detail as possible, so that potential applicants know right away whether they are qualified for the position.


Interviewing potential new employees is a major role of staffing in human resource management, and may be the most time-consuming task. After culling through applications and resumes to find the most qualified candidates, the manager begins scheduling meetings with each of them. During the interview, managers are tasked with both determining whether a candidate is the right fit for the company and whether the company is the right fit for the candidate. A candidate may have an impressive list of qualifications, but lack the same vision as the company, making them a less than ideal fit.

Even after new employees are hired, the role of staffing in human resource management continues. The department is typically responsible for running any background checks, collecting necessary documents, and getting the new employee the proper training required for the position. The human resource management department also evaluates ongoing relationships between the employees and employer. In cases where a new or current employee stops meeting the needs of the company, the human resource department is typically responsible for letting that employee go.


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