What is the Role of Human Resources?

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Most companies have a human resources department to assist employees with matters relating to their employment. Human Resources (HR) also help employees with questions regarding health insurance and other benefits. The role of human resources is necessary to make a company run effectively.

Hiring and firing employees are both important services performed by the human resources department. At most firms, the human resource division actively recruits new employees by placing employment ads and hosting job fairs. This department also completes background checks and other pre-employment screenings.

When the company hires workers, before they can even begin working, the employees must see the human resource manager for employment orientation. Documents that new employees fill out typically include personal information such as address and social security number, tax witholding documentation and benefits information. Workers who receive life insurance policies through their employer must also designate a beneficiary and the human resource manager assists them with the designation.


Another role of human resources is to maintain the company’s retirement plan for employees. This includes making sure the company is compliant with state, federal, and other jurisdictional tax laws regarding employee savings plans. Most companies have retirement plans for their employees consisting of pension plans and 401(k) accounts. The human resources director has to oversee the withholding of deductions from the employee’s paycheck and make sure the funds are in the appropriate account. If employees need to withdraw funds, they have to meet with the human resources administrator and fill out a withdrawal application.

Most employers recognize the need for mental health services for their employees. Some employers offer seminars and referrals for behavioral and psychological issues as an added benefit to staff. When workers need counseling with a stressful situation such as a family death, the role of HR is to give referrals for company grief counselors.

A human resources department usually administers well-health programs that help employees, such as physical fitness. The role of human resources serves as a way of getting the company healthy by organizing corporate activities such as walk-a-thons and weight loss contests. The director may also invite members of the medical community to the firm to provide information on health matters such as nutrition.

Companies would not be able to properly function without a human resources department. Last but not least, another crucial role of human resources is to work closely with upper management as well as the staff to ensure positive company relations. Other necessary responsibilities include communication with outside vendors and clients to get supplies and new benefit proposals.


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Post 6

Our HR is like a dictator. Even if a supervisor approves something for their departments according to their needs including the attire and schedules. She tries to over write what the supervisors say, apparently the rules apply to everyone, but her own department.

Post 5

If you cannot get on with a manager at work and he keeps upsetting you, what grounds do you have, if the person you are dealing with appears to be very stubborn.

Post 4

Latte31-The human resource department also has to keep a record of any disciplinary action against an employee. This becomes critical when an employee becomes terminated.

Although many states are states at will states which really allow the employer to release an employee for any reason and at any time, it is still good practice for human resource departments to maintain these records in case there's a legal challenge.

A legal challenge usually comes as a result of potential discriminatory action. Companies are aware of this so they trying to be very fair and document disciplinary actions in an objective fashion.

Post 3

SauteePan-Sometimes HR planning involves conducting training seminars regarding a system migration for example.

The training may also involve customer related issues in order to improve or enhance the current customer service level.

In addition, training may also include sales development training in order to improve the sales development process which includes prospecting and account penetration.

Post 2

Crispety-Many companies use human resource information systems in order to create an evaluation on their employees and to store data regarding their performance and salary.

Keeping all this information in one location makes it easier for managers to conduct employee evaluations on their employees. Previous reviews can also be stored and it allows a manager to see if progress has taken place. The use of this human resource software makes hr planning easier.

I also believe that human resource managers have to conduct workplace safety seminars according to OSHA guidelines. The seminars also limit the propensity for employees to use workers compensation claims against the company.

Post 1

The human resources business really involves hiring employees, firing employees, benefits administration which includes providing seminars on health benefits educating employees so that they know about the various changes in their health plans and health benefits.

The role of HR is also set HR policy. They really determine the rules and regulations of the workplace by human resource training to their managers in order to make sure they are in compliance with legal regulations.

Strategic HR includes seminars on sexual harassment and discrimination in the company to avoid costly lawsuits in the future. Attendance at these seminars is usually recorded and goes in an employees file to make sure that they were trained on these aspects of law.

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