What Is the Relationship between Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management?

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The relationship between organizational behavior and human resource management stems from the fact that human resource management can be used as a tool for shaping organizational behavior. Organizational behavior is a term used to define the concept of the behavior for individuals who constitute the human elements of an organization. This is related to human resources, which is a concept that is used to describe the management of the employees in any organization. From the description of the two terms, it is easy to see how organizational behavior and human resource management are related.

The effective use of human resources can be used to shape the perceptions and behavior of the employees in an organization, resulting in a desired outcome in their organizational behavior. This link between organizational behavior and human resource management can be seen in the area of the workers' attitudes toward their jobs. Part of the responsibilities of the human resources department is managing the issues related to the welfare of the employees in an organization. When this responsibility is pursued diligently, the employees will have a more positive attitude toward their jobs and will be more willing to go the extra mile in furthering their duties.


A recognition of the fact that it is the individual employees within an organization who carry out whatever organizational behavior is in place in the establishment also shows a link between organizational behavior and human resource management. Since the individuals are the vehicles for organizational behavior they can be nudged in the right direction through the human resource department, which is charged with the management of employees. Examples of proper management for employees include the organization of orientation courses or classes for new employees where they will be informed about the corporate image of the organization and the expected organizational behavior from employees needed to maintain that image.

One of the factors of organizational behavior is the attitude of employees toward each other, ranging from the communication of management to employees, communication between the various levels of employees, and communication between employees and those outside the organization. Employees will be more productive in an atmosphere where they feel they can thrive, such as one where the relationships are clearly defined. Part of the responsibility of human resource is to enable such an environment within the organization through effective application of targeted good organizational practice.


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