What Is the Recommended Intake of Sugar per Day?

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There isn't really an official recommended daily intake of sugar per day. Sugar isn't usually considered a necessary part of a person's diet like Vitamin C and calcium are. Instead, health experts usually recommend that a person use moderation when consuming foods with refined sugar. To keep sugar intake moderate, many experts recommend that a person consume no more than 40 grams of refined sugar per day, which is approximately equal to 10 teaspoons. Another recommendation is to make sure no more than eight percent of one's calories are derived from sugar.

Sugar is practically a staple in many people's diets. This doesn't mean, however, that eating a lot of sugar per day is healthy. As such, many people go in search of data on the recommended daily intake of sugar per day and are surprised to learn that many heath authorities do not provide official values. Instead, health and dietary experts often focus on keeping the consumption of sugar moderate or low. For example, some health and diet authorities recommend that a person limit his daily intake of sugar to 40 g or less, or less than eight percent of his daily calorie intake.


It is important to keep in mind that human beings do not get all of their sugar from eating refined sugar. Instead, they may consume a good deal of natural sugar as well. For example, fruit contains natural sugar. This type of sugar, however, does not represent the health problems refined sugar does. In fact, eating a lot of fruit is healthy for most people, and an individual who wants to lower his sugar intake may use fruit to satisfy his cravings for sweets while he cuts back on refined sugar.

Simple sugars are the ones that are responsible for most health concerns. For example, table sugar is best consumed in moderation. Other simple sugars that are included in prepared food items are often cause for concern as well. As such, an individual may also protect his health by limiting his consumption of foods and drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup.

For some people, reducing their sugar intake can prove difficult. Especially, if they are used to consuming desserts and sweetened foods and drinks on a regular basis. To fill the gaps when cutting back on sugar, a person might opt to use artificial sweeteners. He may also consider using natural fruit juice, without any sugar added, as a sweetener in various recipes or drinks.


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A good tip for cutting back on refined sugar in your diet is to use honey as a sweetener. It is great in almost any recipe or food that calls for sugar, including baked goods and sauces. Honey is even great as a sweetener for coffee.

Though honey is a type of sugar, it is natural and has many health benefits that regular sugar does not have.

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It is always a good idea to eat as little sugar each day as possible. I think that one good way to do this is cut back on sugary drinks. Since they add a lot to individuals' sugar intake per day, its a positive more to drink fewer of these types of beverages.

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