What is the Process of IELTS&Reg; Registration?

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The International English Language Testing System® (IELTS®) is a series of standardized tests that measure proficiency in written and spoken English. The IELTS® registration process entails selecting test dates, filling out the application form, providing necessary documents, and submitting both the form and documents at any nearby IELTS® center. It should be noted that failure to comply with any of these steps will result in a delay of the individual's planned test date.

The first step is for the applicant to visit any IELTS® center and check the dates they have posted for tests. Two convenient test dates must be selected, as well as the registration deadlines for both dates. While at the IELTS® center, individuals can also request an application form. If application forms are unavailable at the center for whatever reason, copies may also be obtained online.

The applicant must then fill out the application form. The name used must match the one on his passport, and the registered mailing address must be valid. It is important for applicants to carefully read the information regarding IELTS® registration, as well as the terms and conditions supplied in the form, before signing it.


It should be indicated in the application form whether the applicant will be taking an Academic or General Training test. The Academic test is for students who wish to undertake post-secondary education, while General Training applies for all others. If uncertain as to which type to take, the individual may contact the organization to which he intends to submit his test results and determine the type of test they require.

The applicant should specify in the application form whether he wishes to have the IELTS® center automatically send a copy of his test results to a particular academic institution, company, embassy or any other organization. If this service is needed, he must provide the institutional name, mailing address, and any other details required in the application form.

The next step is preparation of the necessary documents required for IELTS® registration. These include a photocopy of the applicant's passport and two identification photographs. If the applicant is unable to produce a photocopy of a passport, he can inquire at the IELTS® center if they will accept a national identity card, as some centers do. The photos must be passport-sized and identical, and should have been taken less than six months before the application is submitted; the applicant must not be wearing glasses in the pictures. He must also sign the backs of both pictures.

Once the individual has prepared the application form and documents needed for IELTS® registration, he can submit them to the IELTS® center and pay the test fee. It is possible to find out the test fee ahead of time by visiting the IELTS® official website and searching for the fee in the local currency. If the applicant chooses to mail the form and documents instead of delivering them in person, he must call the IELTS® center to discuss alternative channels of payment.

After applying for the test, the individual will be contacted by the IELTS® center for confirmation of his test date, time, and location. The Speaking portion of the test may be scheduled up to a week before or after the official test date. It should be noted that on the day of the test, the applicant must bring the passport or national identity card that was photocopied and submitted for his IELTS® registration.


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