What Is the Nasion?

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On the human skull, the nasion is the recessed dip on the front of the face between the eyes, just above the bridge of the nose. It is the point where the nasal bone and the frontal bone meet. This section is considered the starting point for the nose. The total length of the nose is determined by measuring from this recess to the tip of the nose.

The nasion begins where the forehead, also called the frontal bone, ends. A normal nose starts level with the eyelashes of the upper eyelid while the eyes are completely open. Damage to this section of the musculoskeletal system can cause an oddly shaped nose. The nose can be crooked; it can also be longer or shorter than average nose lengths.

Cosmetic surgeons rely heavily on the type of nasion a person has when planning rhinoplasty procedures. Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that deals with altering the nose. The surgeons must consider the frontal and nasal bones and their intersecting point. Some nasions are too prominent, which means that the recessed dip is too deep. Other people do not have enough of a recess.


In order to repair a nasion that is too prominent, surgeons must reshape the frontal and/or nasal bones. The goal is to reduce the amount of recession where these two bones intersect. To repair non-existent or minimal nasions, surgeons shave small amounts off the two bones to create a recessed dip. Both types of surgery ultimately change the length of the nose.

Many people choose rhinoplasty to change the nose’s appearance. Long noses can be shortened and short noses can be lengthened by altering the nasion. While some people are born with odd nasions, trauma can also cause odd nasions. Repeated or particularly bad nose breaks can cause damage, especially if the breakages do not heal correctly.

There are some more extreme cases where a rebuild of the entire nose is necessary. These cases are often due to serious damage to the front of the face and the nasal area. In these situations, the nasion is built in conjunction with other drastic repairs. For these cases, this is referred to as reconstructive surgery. It can either be medically necessary or it can be partially cosmetic.

Surgery to repair the nasion should be treated as any other surgery. Surgeons provide information about the procedure and should discuss the benefits and risks. After surgery, patients should receive care instructions, including the importance of watching for abnormal pain or swelling.


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