What Is the Most Expensive Luxury Hotel?

What’s your idea of a memorable vacation? Paris, London, or Rome? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. In 2022, if the first luxury space hotel opens on time, you can take a trip to outer space and book a stay at the Aurora Station, which will speed around Earth at an altitude of about 200 miles (322 km). A 12-day trip to the heavens is expected to cost about $9.5 million USD per person -- or about $790,000 a night. The hotel will orbit the Earth every 90 minutes, which means a maximum of six guests will see around 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours.

The trip of a lifetime:

  • The interior of the hotel has been compared to being aboard a Gulfstream jet, with approximately 35 feet by 14 feet (11 m by 4 m) of total space.

  • Aurora Station guests will experience life in Low Earth Orbit, or LEP, where they will be able to witness incredible views of both Earth and deep space.

  • Reservations are being taken by Houston-based Orion Span for an $80,000 USD deposit. The authentic astronaut adventure begins with a three-month training session on Earth.

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