What Is the Most-Consumed Meat Worldwide?

Pork is the most-consumed meat worldwide. Pork makes up 36% of the world's meat intake followed by poultry (35%) and beef (22%). In 2006, nearly 100 million metric tons of pork were consumed, according the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service statistics. While pork is consumed worldwide, the meat is mostly popular in East and Southeast Asia. Certain religions such as Islam, Judaism, and certain Christian denominations forbid the consumption of pork.

More about pork:

  • Today pork is considered a red meat. However in 1987 pork was advertised as "the other white meat" by the US National Pork Board.

  • Prior to the 20th century, in North America and Europe, pork was traditionally an autumn dish.

  • Pork contains high levels of vitamin B1, as well as zinc and iron.

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