What is the Most Common Farm Machinery?

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Farm machinery is the machinery that is used on farms to assist with farming work. Previously, hand-held implements and animal-drawn machinery were used. In modern times, mechanized farming is the norm. Electric or fuel-powered machinery carry out most of the tasks that were once carried out by men and animals.

Using machinery is less time-consuming and more cost-effective than working by hand or using tools like scythes or animal drawn plows. Advances in farm machinery has revolutionized the farming industry. Whether it is a family farm, an organic farming enterprise or a commercial farming endeavor, a wide range of farm machinery is used. Commercial farming uses more sophisticated farming equipment than the other two.

Not only is modern farming mechanized, it is also computerized. Farmers routinely use satellite imagery, GPS guidance and electric sensors in their farming work. Advanced farming machinery reduces waste and ensure a more profitable use of seeds, fertilizer, irrigation and fuel. It has improved the production and transport of farm produce.

The most common and well-known farm machinery would be the tractor. Tractors are used to pull a variety of farm machines and equipments. Farm machinery used for soil cultivation includes the plow, the power tiller, the spike, drag and disk harrows, the chisel plow, the cultivator, the spading machine and the rock picker. These machines clear the land of stones and weeds, and loosen the soil in readiness for planting.


The actual planting is done using mechanized planters, transplanters, seed drill, broadcast seeders and mulch layers. Planters plant seeds in precise rows at precise intervals. Drills plant seeds much closer together than planters.

Transplanters transplant seedlings into the field, and may be partially or fully automated. Mulch layer machines can lay natural or plastic mulch. The growing plants are helped along with fertilizer, manure and spray spreaders.

Irrigation is made easier by specialized irrigation machinery. Quick and ready mechanized irrigation facilities have made it possible to cultivate high yields of crops in dry areas. Water can also be supplied over a wide range of land and in specific required quantities.

Harvesting farm machinery includes the famous combine harvester and thresher. The combine, as it is usually called, saves farmers a lot of time and effort. It cuts, threshes and separates grain as it works its way through crop fields. Other harvesting farm machines are the cane, corn and bean harvesters and the cotton pickers. Conveyor belts, gleaners, gravity wagons, diggers and swathers are some other commonly used farm machinery.

Rakers, mowers, balers and bale movers are used to make hay bales. Backhoe and fron tend loaders are used for loading purposes. Vehicles like trucks, planes and helicopters are used for transportation purposes. Planes and helicopters may also be used for spraying crops and tracking animal herds.


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Post 5

I have a friend who collects and sells antique farm machinery. Well, its not all antique, but it is old. He goes around to no longer operating farms, and buys the antiquated rusted pieces of equipment then cleans them and resales them at markets and online.

I find it difficult to believe that some of the pieces he finds were actually used to plow and cultivate fields at one time. I'm sure the process of planting and harvesting was much, much slower back then.

Post 4

I like watching the combine farm machinery, especially when the machines are being used in really large fields. There is something that attracts my attention when I see a combine in a field of soy beans, corn or wheat slowly eating away at the rows and rows of crops.

The fields can be so large that it seems that the machines will never get over the entire area, but they continue that slow march and eventually they get the job done.

Post 3

The most popular piece of agriculture farm machinery with kids is definitely the tractor. I really liked riding on the tractors when I was a kid, and I got a chance to drive a couple of them when I was a teenager. That was great.

Even today, I wouldn't mind a turn behind the wheel of a tractor. The ones today are much larger, and from what I hear, some have radios and air conditioning. If the ones I drove when I was in high school had had all those extras, I would have considered a career in farming.

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