What is the Montreal Exchange?

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The Montreal exchange is a financial market that is the largest source of options and futures trading in Canada. This market is a pioneer in the industry, and was one of the first markets to convert over to an electronic trading system. The Montreal exchange is also in charge of the electronic trading system for the Boston Options Exchange.

This market started out as a traditional stock market, operating as the Montreal Stock Exchange until 1982. At that time, to emphasize options and futures trading, the market removed "Stock" from its name. The Montreal Exchange slowly evolved into a center for these markets, and is now one of the leading markets for options and futures.

At the Montreal Exchange, traders can invest in a number of different types of financial instruments. Traders can purchase options on individual stocks and commodities, allowing many traders to diversify their portfolios away from an all stock portfolio. Other markets in Canada handle the majority of regular stock transactions.


The Montreal Exchange is one of the pioneers in the financial industry. It was one of the first major exchanges to convert over to an electronic exchange instead of using the traditional method. This means that when a trader wants to place a trade, he or she can do so with online trading software that is integrated into the exchange. The order will be automatically matched up with the proper counter party and will be processed immediately. The exchange made this transition in 2001, and became the first North American market to do so.

In addition to handling trading in Canada, the Montreal Exchange also handles the Boston Options Exchange's electronic trading system. This is a large options and futures market in the United States. This also makes the Montreal Exchange the first exchange from another country that is in charge of an exchange located in the United States. The Boston Options Exchange has turned into one of the biggest parts of the success of the Montreal Exchange.

The Montreal Exchange does not have as many choices for options investors as the options market in the United States does. It does provide the ability for investors to purchase options on most Canadian companies, however, but not all are available. This market continues to grow with the continued popularity of the options market.


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