What is the Montignac Diet?

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Developed by French drug-company executive Michael Montignac, the Montignac Diet aims to provide people with the tools necessary to intelligently select carbohydrate, fat, and protein food sources. Dieters on the program do not have to watch the amount of food consumed, but rather opt for foods based on nutritional value. A major principle of the Montignac Diet is for a person to try to disperse with the idea that calories are what make someone pack on pounds. The method stresses that by shifting eating habits, a person can lose weight and keep pounds off. Through the plan, a person might be able to prevent diabetes and lower the chance for coronary disease, as well.

A key point in the diet plan is that carbohydrates are sorted by a glycemic index, which ranks carbohydrates according to their effects on a person's glucose level after consuming a meal. Foods with a high glycemic index can cause blood glucose to rise, therefore causing fat to be stored in the body. According to the plan, the carbohydrates that are the best for the body are those that have the lowest glycemic index — bad carbohydrates include refined grains, potatoes, and alcohol.


Generally, Omega 3 acids and fatty acids are better choices than saturated fatty acids. To lose weight, a person selects fats and proteins carefully while consuming carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index. The aim is for a person to consume foods that will not be likely to cause an elevation in blood sugar levels. Montignac claims that by making intelligent food choices, a person can keep from storing fat by having it burned as fuel.

The Montignac Diet recommends that a person should try to not mix fats and carbohydrates at a meal. If someone eats fats, the person should try to wait at least four hours before consuming carbohydrates. According to the plan, if a person eats carbohydrates, he or she should attempt to wait three hours before consuming fats.

Overall, the Montignac Diet makes use of other principles for healthy eating. Positive food sources include healthy fats from fish and using olive oil for baking and in salads. The diet also requires people to consume large amounts of water between meals and eat foods that contain fiber. A person following the method should also try to eat three meals at the same time each day, while avoiding snacking and caffeine.


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Alcohol is not a carbohydrate. It is to be avoided or used only in moderation for other reasons in the context of the Montignac diet.

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The Montignac eating plan is great. It provides the reasons for putting on weight and a plan for losing weight and keeping the weight off. I have lost 34 pounds in weight and kept it off. This is not a plan for the short term, it is a plan for healthy living for life.

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