What Is the Marketing Communications Mix?

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Also known as a promotional mix, a marketing communications mix is a term used to describe the varied strategies used to advertise and promote a business or its product line. Considering one of the four components that make up a marketing mix, the marketing communications mix focuses on four broad classes of approaches that may be used to alert consumers to the benefits and availability of products. The five essential aspects of this type of communications mix include sales promotions, personal selling, direct marketing efforts, general advertising, and public relations.

One of the key elements in a marketing communications mix is advertising. Making prudent use of various types of media advertising, including print and electronic media, makes it possible to connect with consumers who are likely to be attracted to the goods and services offered. This approach will normally tout the benefits of the products in some manner, as well as provide consumers with ideas of how the products can be purchased.

Sales promotions are also an important part of a marketing communications mix. Offering incentives such as coupons, discount vouchers, and short-term sale prices can often be just enough to tempt consumers into buying a product. Assuming the quality is acceptable, the consumer will likely be back even after the promotions have concluded.


Personal selling is also important to the communications mix. This involves face to face efforts with customers made by the sales and marketing team, with the goal being to generate sales. To this end, the development of support materials that aids the sales team during these types of personal encounters can go a long way toward increasing the chances of generating new business.

Many companies find that direct marketing campaigns can make a huge impact on the success of a business or product. Approaches such as direct mail campaigns that deliver information through the post to prospective customers, as well as targeted email campaigns touting the benefits of the products, work very well with certain types of consumers. While the level of success varies, this approach has a long history of generating sales, especially when the marketing copy used for the campaigns is well-crafted.

A final component of a marketing communications mix is competent public relations efforts. Building name recognition among consumers can aid the effort of marketing goods and services, especially if those public relations efforts create a positive perception of what the business is all about. Creating and maintaining a reputation for high quality, fair prices, and an eye for developing new products that consumers can use will go a long way toward aiding in the success of a business, and increasing the chances of that company remaining in business for many years.


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