What is the M Technique?

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The M Technique is a type of therapy that is especially designed to be useful in order to communicate with non-verbal patients in a critical care setting. The M Technique is one of the newest forms of massage, though its creator considers it to be much more than just a style of massage. In fact it is not called a massage technique, but a manual technique. The recent attention on the M Technique has created an interest in many different types of care settings and it is available to learn in the United States.

The M Technique was created by Jane Buckle, a professional in the health care field in the United Kingdom who often dealt with critically ill patients. Buckle felt that there was a way to communicate with such patients, who either through treatment or illness could not verbalize thoughts and feelings well. She developed a technique to communicate through touch.

The M Technique features a slow stroking method, which works to ease the pain of patients. Often, nurses may use the technique when there is nothing that conventional medicine can do for the patient. In such cases, it allow health care workers to not only have a reason to spend time with the patient, but actually do something positive for him or her.


In addition to health care professionals, private individuals may also be interested in learning the M technique, which can be learned in as little as two days. When a loved one is in pain, some may have feelings of inadequacy as they struggle for something they can do to help the one in pain. The M Technique offers a solution with no side effects and no adverse reaction.

A couple of options do exist for those who want to learn the M Technique. They can take a course with a certified instructor. These instructors are available at various places in both the United States and Canada. Also, there is an instructional DVD that can be purchased for those interested in trying the technique. However, professionals should not rely solely on the DVD.

The main benefits of the M Technique are its therapeutic properties and its ability to be used easily. Many types of massage, in contrast, take weeks to fully learn to their most effective uses. This is especially helpful for those who have loved ones in difficult situations and health care professionals, as both may not have a substantial amount of time to devote to massage study.


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