What is the Lenair Technique?

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A non-invasive method of fighting addiction, the Lenair Technique is an alternative to more widely used methods of treating alcohol and drug addiction. It focuses on the body's bioelectrical system, which, according to proponents of the Lenair Technique, plays a key role in addiction. Essentially, the Lenair Technique is said to manipulate energy in order to return a person to the state he enjoyed before he became addicted to a substance or situation. The technique is said to be effective for everything from drug and alcohol abuse to sexual addiction and abnormal compulsions.

The founder of the Lenair Technique, Rhonda Lenair, has been practicing it since the middle of the 1980s. It is said that she has helped more than 30,000 people overcome their addictions as well as a range of emotional difficulties. Due to the apparent success of her hands-on method, Lenair has seen clients from around the world.

Ms. Lenair is referred to as a medical intuitive, which mean she claims to be able to sense bioelectrical frequencies and use her body to mirror the energies in her patients' bodies. As a result of this process, she claims to see and feel both what her patients have experienced in the past and what they are experiencing in the present. She then reports on what she learns, both on physical and psychological levels.


Using the combination of her medical intuition and her experience with tuning in to the bioelectrical frequencies within her patients, Lenair is said to be able to provide an almost immediate cure for addiction. She is said to change her patients' systems so much that they are not only cured of their addictions, but also free of any withdrawal symptoms that would normally accompany getting off of drugs or ending the abuse of a substance.

In tuning in to her patients' systems, Lenair is said to be able to provide unique recommendations for each person. This means she is able to seek out whatever imbalance exists within a particular person and provide recommendations for the exact changes necessary to correct the imbalance. These changes can include a wide range of things, such as nutritional plans, nutritional supplementation, and exercise. Additionally, lifestyle changes may be recommended to not only help the person gain freedom from addiction, but also to provide for the best possible health status.

It is interesting to note that many addiction treatments are not absolute in nature. This means the patient must continue to work at remaining drug- or alcohol-free. For example, counseling may be necessary, and repeated relapses are common. The Lenair Technique, on the other hand, is said to be absolute because the patient arrives with an addiction or other type of problem and leaves with it gone completely.


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