What is the Leisure Industry?

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Over the years, as working hours have shrunk, people found that they had more free time on their hands to spend on leisurely activities. Sitting home with a book could only go so far, and thus an entire industry sprung up to make money on those who wanted “something to do.” This is the leisure industry, which actually spans numerous types of industries.

Leisure industry fields include: restaurants, amusement parks, theaters, hotels, gaming places, venues for musical groups or lectures, and sporting arenas. Also one might include spas, gyms, and areas where one can conduct sports, like golfing or boating as part of the industry. Anything that is made to be enjoyed, and is made to occupy one’s leisure hours is essentially part of the leisure industry.

Since this industry encompasses such a huge field of occupations and businesses, it might be helpful to evaluate the types of leisure industry businesses that work to satisfy all a person’s leisure requirements. For example, places like the Disneyland Resort, or tropical resorts like Sandals, work to make money off all the possible needs of a person taking a vacation.

The Disneyland Resort not only includes rides, entertainment and places to stay, but also includes shopping excursions, a variety of dining options, and packages to visit other parks like Universal Studios to further enjoy one’s trip. Mainly, the Disneyland Resort wants to keep guests on their property, since doing so means they will make more money.


The construction of the California Adventure Theme Park attached to Disneyland, and the building of numerous restaurants and storefronts right outside of Disneyland makes perfect sense from a leisure industry standard. The more options and variety that can be offered to guests, or even to those shopping outside Disneyland, the more money is to be made in the process. Additionally the ability to satisfy the needs of guests of all ages is important. Disneyland delights both young and old, because the resort has given considerable thought to designing leisure activities that appeal to a broad population, which translates to more money.

Of course, not all leisure industries have the breadth and scope of a Disneyland Resort, or a Sandals Vacation Resort. Many are targeted at one specific group. A restaurant with expensive entrees may be specifically meant for adults who enjoy new culinary experiences. A spa generally caters to adults and not children. A Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, or a mini-golf business, on the other hand, is leisure industry fare designed specifically for children. These places are often least attractive to adults, though many adults will take children there.


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Every industry is in some way built around people's feelings of need for newness and fun. If all we spent money on was the bare essentials, we would simply have supermarkets and no fine restaurants or entertainment centers. Unfortunately, most people in the world are working very hard to even have access to the essentials while we are enabled to go out and enjoy ourselves to excess.

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People are willing to spend large amounts of money for comfort and leisure. People who have a lot of money tend to get bored and are searching for new and fun ways to spend it all. They are willing to spend large amounts of cash on exciting and adventurous travel and cruises.

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I work in the leisure industry and I love it. The tenpin bowling industry offers great vacancies, part time jobs through to leisure management jobs. There are lots of jobs on the tenpin bowling jobs website. I would recommend the change!

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