What is the Law of Attraction?

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The Law of Attraction is a universal law that involves how we affect the outcomes of situations in our lives. The idea behind it is that our beliefs control our destinies. As such, those who embrace negativity, get the negative outcome they created while those who are positive gain the positive results they believed they would enjoy.

Often, people feel trapped by life’s circumstances. If they are unhappy at work, they feel as if the unhappiness was foisted upon them. If they chose the wrong spouse, they feel unlucky in love. If they bounce checks, they feel that forces beyond their control were at work. The Law of Attraction, however, asserts that we attract these problems into our lives. Our beliefs and/or vibes can attract good people, success, wealth, and happiness, or they can bring us depression, bankruptcy, failure, and people who harm us physically or emotionally.

Based on the theories expressed by those who follow the Law of Attraction, what people attract isn’t always clearly good or bad. Sometimes a person’s beliefs are limited, causing him to attract only limited success and keeping him from enjoying his full potential in all parts of life. On the other hand, a person who believes in unlimited positive possibilities can attract just about anything. Additionally, focusing on feeling joyful and content can lead to attracting positive things while focusing on what is missing or lacking has the opposite effect.


There are those who believe that the Law of Attraction is at best simply positive thinking that may or may not work. However, there are many others who believe the Law of Attraction really works and reach out to learn more about it. For example, the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne as well as the movie by the same name generated a huge response. The Secret introduces readers and viewers to spiritual teachings that focus on the Law of Attraction.

Often, people have a hard time changing their ways of thinking to fall in line with the Law of Attraction; negative or limited thinking seem to be a natural part of life for some people. However, the movie The Secret sets forth a seemingly simple method for using the Law of Attraction. The first step involves having a focused view of what is desired. The next step is believing that the desire will become a reality; this requires getting rid of all doubts and visions of possible failure. The last step involves receiving the object of desire; this means taking opportunities when they present themselves, without hesitating.


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