What is the Java&Reg; Development Kit?

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The Java® programming language is made up of several modules that are designed to assist programmers in creating software applications. The Java® development kit (JDK) is a package of development modules that are used in building Java® programs. This kit includes modules for database access, user screen interfaces, printers, scanners, and other programming functions.

The Java® development kit includes a software debugger tool. This is used by the development team to resolve issues while coding the software. Having a debugging tool saves valuable time because it allows developers a process to simulate the new application before it is completed.

The Java® virtual machine is also included with the Java® development kit. This virtual machine is the program that is used by Java® applications to run on computer hardware. The virtual machine is an interpreter for Java® code and is responsible for transforming the byte code into computer machine code.

The Java® development kit is available on the Internet from Sun®. The documentation for the JDK is also available, but requires an additional download. This documentation explains how to use the modules available in the JDK.

It is important to ensure the development team uses the correct version of Java® development kit. There are many versions available on the Internet. This JDK typically updates every six months, but may not be the correct version for the company.


Java® can also be used to build portable programs that work on handheld computers and software devices. The Java® development kit includes the necessary modules to build handheld applications. This includes an application programming interface that ensures the software will be compatible with smaller devices.

There are many tutorials available on the Internet that how to use the JDK. These tutorials provide detailed directions and examples for most software applications. The tutorials are typically written by Java® programmers who have a strong understanding of the tools.

There are four types of Java® development kits available from Sun®. These include the standard JDK, enterprise, messaging, and Internet bundle. The standard JDK provides the basic framework for Java® applications, while the additional bundles are designed for more specific types of applications.


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